41 Female Voice Actor Needed (Resolved)

by Chicken Studios

44 frodo and saruman voice needed!

by cracksplatpop

49 Sawtooth Casting calls

by Colleendahmerproductionz

55 BIM Summer Contest Casting Call

by Tiny World Studios

58 Need a NICK FURY voice actor.

by speakbroccoli

59 Need a boys wimpy kid voice ;P

by cracksplatpop

62 CLOSED Gimli voice actor needed for LOTR brickfilm

by Buffalo Brickfilms (Aidan

71 Filch, Cyborg, and Groot voices ASAP

by Isaac The Animator

73 Star wars for Dummies

by slotborg

74 SPIDER-MAN! - Casting Call

by TheLoginProductions

78 Available to voice act

by Blue Ghost

80 Ring-a-ding ~ Singing

by Blandeer