Topic: 3 male and 1 female voices needed for film

I need 4 voices for this film all of which need to be adults or at least adult sounding. I'll voice for any of you who end up voicing for me. It's a comedy film with a story about two brothers who had a duel in the Wild West and their grandchildren trying to figure out who won it.

Bert- He's young and clever and just an average guy. He's also the main character. He has an American accent and can do an old west accent.
"Hold on. there’s a car just like that on the other side of the street."
(in an old west accent) "last chance to give up. You know who will win this duel"

George- He's the villain  and he's also American preferably.
"What are you doing?"
"unless the record were destroyed in the fire"

Miles- he's George’s  assistant and he helps him through the adventure. He can be American or British.
Sample lines-
"Oh no they’re here. run!"
"Hey look at this Edward."

The librarian - She's preferably British or American and is a professional who works at a museum.
sample lines-
"if you want records, you’ll be find out where they are at the museum."

If any of these sound interesting to you, email me at [email protected]. Any audio format is good.
Thank you so much! mini/smile

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Re: 3 male and 1 female voices needed for film

Hi Amari Studios. I am an 18 year old male. I can also do a relative Western accent. To see a sample of my voice, you can watch this here:

Additionally, I have a full mic set up with a pop filter and will do several takes to ensure the audio is of the right quality. I would happily play Bert.
Please either PM me, or for more efficient communication, add me on discord at JohnCPace (#8500), or email me directly at [email protected]

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