Topic: Star Wars: The Silverbird - CASTING CALL

Star Wars: The Silverbird requires voice actors! There are lots of roles needed, so you'll find many possibilities.

General info:
- You must have a good microphone and good audio quality (no noise, echoing, background sounds)
- The main characters have plenty of quotes since each episode lasts about 20 minutes
- There will be one-episode characters (they'll be added soon)
- If you're interested, please send me an email: [email protected] (NO private messages)
- If you have any questions first, ask

Don't get freaked by the fact there are so many quotes, you have the whole time you need.


1) Cassandra Drovah - protagonist - RESOLVED
- Female;
- Age: 16 - mid 20;
- Talented actress;
- Must sound cold but sometimes emotional and aggressive;
- (optional: English accent);

2) Bucky - supporting character
- Male;
- Must sound determined but also friendly and caring about his friends;
- Mature but youthful voice;
- (optional: slight Scottish accent);

3) Dyn - supporting character
- Male;
- Mature voice;
- He's kind of a dodger and he's pretty confident;
- He can't sound very serious (but don't exaggerate;
- American accent;

4) Moroff - supporting character - RESOLVED
- Male;
- This character isn't human;
- He wears a translator on his mouth and so he must sound kind of robotic;

5) R0-6 (Roge) - supporting character - RESOLVED
- Male;
- He's a droid;
- He may sound a bit like K2 or IG-11;
- He's a mechanic but also a protector;

6) Moff Taryon - antagonist - RESOLVED
- Male;
- He must sound gentle and wise but many times cold as well;
- Adult voice;

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Re: Star Wars: The Silverbird - CASTING CALL

I'll gladly audition! mini/bigsmile Sending you an email right away!