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I'm looking for some voice actors to help populate my VR 180 project with dialogue.

PM me for script access.

Mira Drechal - pilot, Blood Leader
Female, young adult

J’Arel Farr - pilot, Blood 2
Male, young adult

Jorrow Sarc - Captain of the Jade Corsair.
Male, older adult, Gruff yet suave, like a drunk pirate

Keever - Firstmate of Jade Corsair
Rodian.  Speaks in Huttese

Vilor Tance - pilot, Bondi Leader
Male, adult

Tache Seri - pilot, Bondi 2
Female, young adult

Wan Solkan - pilot, Bondi 3
Male, young adult

Captain Parek Degrudge - captain of Light Cruiser Sharrin
Male, adult, Imperial (British)

Vario Merazan - TIE Defender pilot
male, adult, Imperial (British)

With the exception of Mira, high sound quality isn't mandatory as they will be filtered to sound like radio transmissions.  However, the ambiance of the recording should sound consistent with each other (the bane of most remote recordings is the inconsistencies between actors and takes).  Therefore, recordings should not have echos/reverberations, sound tin-canny, clipping from speaking too loudly, and free of puffs.  Essentially, some level of preparation is expected.

Actors must be available for at least a week for feedback and retakes and must be able to transmit files (via email or file hosting sites).

Re: STAR WARS VR180 Casting

About 3-4 characters left.  You can still audition as alternates even if the role has been crossed out.

Re: STAR WARS VR180 Casting

Casting has wrapped.  Thank you for your time.