Topic: [Closed] 1 Male + 1 Female VAs wanted for Lego Doctor Who

[CLOSED] - Thanks all, the roles have now been cast.

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for one male and one female voice actor for a Lego Doctor Who fan animation.

I'm casting these two characters for this animation:

Female, British accent (any), early to late 20s
Very serious, slightly feisty, inquisitive.

Sample lines:
1) This is new...
2) Who are you? How did you get down here?
3) I don't take orders from you.

Male, British accent (any, estuary preffered), mid 20s to mid 30s
More laid-back, kind-hearted, but still headstrong.

Sample lines:
1) I'll check upstairs, see if they know anything.
2) Comms are down...
3) Yes, hello? We're alright, we're safe.

If you're interested, please send recordings of the sample lines to [email protected] - preferrably as a .wav format but any will do. If you could send your auditions by Sunday the 31st of May that would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance, and if you have any other questions please let me know!

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