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  • Profane language and offensive images: inappropriate words, sexual references, or other vulgar statements are not allowed, and neither are graphic or obscene images.  As a public internet site we cannot always ensure this forum will be wholly appropriate for young children, but we want to avoid content that will offend younger members and/or their parents.  Deliberate posting of obscene images will result in a permanent ban.

  • Insults, threats, and abusive comments:  Criticizing someone else's work is acceptable, but rude name-calling and threats are not.  You may only mean to be sarcastic or joking, but if this isn't going to be clear to people, please think before posting.  Any comments of an abusive nature (racist, sexist, or homophobic slurs) are not allowed. Trolling and starting off-topic arguments based around insults is not permissible.

  • Marketing and advertising: If you have a festival or contest you'd like to promote, that's great.  If you're looking to sell or give away something that other brickfilmers, by nature of the hobby, would be interested in, that's also fine.  But please don't make a thread to advertise a website or service, or that nice used car you're looking to sell.

  • Spam: Don't post images that aren't related in any way to the topic, or text for that matter.  Threads consisting mostly of LOL Cats or other internet memes are likely to be locked.

  • Content warnings on films: While films don't have to be "G-rated" if the proper notice is included, it is critical that any potentially offensive content be labeled when posting a film.  Graphically obscene films are not allowed to be posted here, even if it is only with minifigures.

  • Piracy: Don't ask for pirated software here, software pirating is illegal and we will not condone it on this website.  Do not post links to pirated software downloads, or offer advice on how to obtain software illegally.

  • Impersonations and Identity Concealment: Do not, by any means, impersonate another member of this forum. Do not use multiple accounts on the site or present yourself a new member on a second account. If you want to have your username changed, contact rioforce. Keeping your privacy is fine (preferred even; we do not recommend giving out personal information to strangers on the Internet) but please refrain from using Tor or other anonymity proxy services while posting on our forum, directory, or chat room. IP masking makes it difficult for us to ensure a safe environment for all our users, and we will have a zero tolerance policy for it.

  • Politics and other Controversial Topics: Please try to avoid arguing about politics and other controversies or making inflammatory statements -- whether that be something in your signature, a new topic, or derailing existing discussion. We don't want a forum devoted to bashing each other. There's really no need to discuss this stuff on a site devoted to making LEGO movies, but if you want to talk about this sort of thing with someone, feel free to do so in chat as long as others present at the time are okay with it.

The moderators of this forum have the ability and the right to edit and delete any topics, replies, or profile information you post that isn't in compliance with the rules of conduct, or deal with any other problems that may arise which are not listed here. Users may be banned for any offense at the sole discretion of BiM Staff.

To report a violation of site rules, use the "report" button on the offending post to notify a moderator.

You may, for the most part, edit your posts after posting them as you wish, but deleting of posts and accounts is generally avoided. Do not post something on this site unless are comfortable with it remaining here for as long as the forum is online.

You are responsible for anything that happens at your IP address. We have to protect the site and community from people who cause problems; it doesn't matter if somebody else was using your IP address or account, the IP address, the account and IP will be banned.

We also recommend checking out the Forum FAQ.

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