Topic: Voices needed for Harry Potter brickfilm

Hi! I'm making a quarantine-themed LEGO Harry Potter brickfilm and I need some voice actors. You can check out the project here: … film/9260/
If you wish to audition for one of the roles, please send me a test line via e-mail (arginnon [at] hotmail [dot] com), thank you!

Open roles:
Lucius Malfoy
Test line: "In the meantime, all teachers, staff members and students are advised to stay at home until further notice."

Gilderoy Lockhart
Test line: "I use a hair-thickening charm I read about in Witch Weekly."
– taken by SurfSmurf778

Arthur Weasley
Test line: "I'm playing with these muggle toys."

The cast so far:
Arginnon as Viktor Krum and Wizard Influencer
Brick Broadcasting as Rubeus Hagrid
Zsuzsanna Róna as Molly Weasley

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