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Aslas image

Monitogo Studios, the creator of the 45 minute long brickfilm epic Bound, has a new short film in the works!

Greg Tull "

Atlas is a short set during the 1930's about a family trying to avert a terrible railroad disaster with little time to do so.  We featured practical atmospherics and some pretty cool sets. Currently there's a Kickstarter going on - we know people loved Bound, and we want to make something else you guys will love! If you're interested, check it out.

We totally get that everyone isn't down with backing us, but if you'd share it to your friends, family, Facebook, etc. it would go a long way towards Atlas being finished. We need to finish the tail end of production and then climb that post mountain, and that's where Kickstarter comes in. Thanks for the love everyone!


They are currently seeking support from fans on Kickstarter. If you would like to help fund Atlas, check out their kickstarter link here:


You can also discuss this on the forums.

Note: Bricks in Motion is not affiliated with or sponsored by Monitogo Studios. This is a news article, not an official Bricks in Motion project.

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Sponsored by Dragonframe, Brickstuff, & Minifigs.me

Welcome to the 2019 edition of the Bricks in Motion Summer Contest! This year's theme is Past and Future.

The contest will run from NOW (July 8, 2019) through September 2. More details on the exact ending time below. Keep reading for the full rules and information, and let's get this summer contest started!


This year's theme is more concept based, versus previous themes being technically based (Darkness & Light, Movie Magic, etc.). So what does Past and Future mean?

Well, that's up to you! Obviously the terms past and future imply a time which is not the present. And I want you to take full advantage of that. The past had many great tales and legends that we still tell today, or heroes or dragons, ancient peoples and civilizations, worlds unknown to us today. It may even contain some stories never told... who knows what happened in the past if it's not written down! And the future is full of endless possibilities as well! Who knows what mankind will create tomorrow... or alienkind, for that matter.

So the goal here is to create a world that differs from the one we live in. Something imaginative, something unique. It can be based in reality, or totally made up. The past isn't restricted to earth, nor does it the past ever stop. You read the last sentence in the past, and you'll read the next one in the future (I hope).

You may even want to employ some old-timey filmmaking techniques... or invent your own! All this fits within the theme. Be creative and show us your best work.


Prizes for this year's competition are generously provided by our sponsors: Dragonframe, Brickstuff, and Minifigs.me!


For the rest of the rules and complete contest details, and to join in the conversation, please read the post on the forums!

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BRAWL 2019 Logo

BRAWL has Begun!

Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long or BRAWL, is a contest in which you have ONE WEEK to write, build sets, voice, animate, edit, sound mix, and submit a brickfilm from scratch. Beginning right now, you have one week to do all of that. Any entries not received by June 30, 2019 12:00 AM (00:00) BST (British Standard Time) will be disqualified. It’s a challenge, but it’s a lot of fun!

Theme & MOD Elements

The theme for BRAWL 2019 is Trapped. You could interpret it in a number of ways: someone (or something) is physically trapped, emotionally trapped, metaphorically trapped, whatever! Get creative with it!


The color MOD element is: a BLACK piece connected to or directly touching a WHITE piece. The letter MOD element is the letter 'F'.

Furthermore, all entries must clearly show the BRAWL 2019 logo for three uninterrupted seconds. The logos may be inserted digitally. Several high-quality resolution versions of the BRAWL 2019 logo can be found here.

To prove that you made your film within the time limit, at least one of the mod elements must appear in every shot of your animation (with the exception of 15 seconds worth of shots, more information below). You do not need to use both mod elements. You can combine these mod elements in any way that you see fit, so long as at least one is present at all times. You could choose to use just the color mod or just the letter mod, you could choose to use both, you could alternate between scenes, or any combination of the above. All that is important is that at least one of the mod elements be visible in every shot. (with the exception of 15 seconds).

For the full rules and announcement post, visit the official forum post!

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BRAWL 2019 Logo

It’s BRAWL season again, baby!

What is BRAWL?

Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long or BRAWL is a contest in which you have exactly one week to write, animate, edit, and submit a brickfilm. You can watch a quick overview video of the contest HERE.

Last year was a huge success, and hopefully this year will be even bigger and better!

When Does BRAWL Start?

The contest will start June 23rd, 2019 (00:00) BST (British Standard Time), and will end June 30th, 2019 (00:00) BST (British Standard Time). You will have exactly one week to finish and submit a film. Any entries not received by the end of one week time period will be disqualified.

A thread titled "BRAWL 2019 Starts NOW!" will be posted in the Contest & Festivals forum. The thread will contain the theme, MOD elements, and submission information.

For the full rules, prizes, and discussion, please check out the topic on the forums!

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Bricks in Motion Stickers

Bricks in Motion stickers are real! But only for a limited time! I have about 45 stickers in stock, and if you want one, now's your chance!

The stickers are approximately 3x3'' and made of vinyl. They'll stick to whatever you want for as long as you want. This means that you can put it on your car, guitar case, or laptop, (if you have a license to play guitar, of course).

Stickers cost $2 each, and $1 flat rate shipping. So you can order more than one sticker and still have the same shipping charge. I can only ship to the United States at this time. Sorry!

But how???

1. Fill out the form below.

2. The form will direct you to PayPal at the end where you will pay for your order.

3. You will be directed back to the form for you to submit the form.

4. I will email you when I ship the stickers!

5. You get an epic sticker via the USPS.

Here's the link to order: SOLD OUT!!!

Remember, this deal only lasts until I run out of stickers!

If you have any questions, please visit the forum topic!



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CineBrick 2019, the Portugal based LEGO film festival is accepting films from all over the world! There is no submission fee, and you can submit digitally or via DVD. Only brickfilms created in 2016, 2017, 2018, or 2019 will be accepted into the 2019 edition of CineBrick. The submission deadline is May 20, 2019, so there's not much time left to submit!

For full rules and details, please visit the CineBrick Website.

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EASTER 2019 had a TRANSCENDENTAL turnout this year! Thank you for entering, you made the contest a success. I would like to thank our judges Penta and Pritchard for doing an outstanding job with the judging. And finally, thanks to BrickPals.com for sponsoring this contest!

So, without further ado, here are our winners of TRANSCENDENTAL EASTER 2019!


1st Place


Holy Hands by Pongowl

2nd Place


Scooter Joe Vs. Egg by Jack Motter

3rd Place


Frankenbunny by Nathan Mallace

For the rest of the results, please visit the forum topic.

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The Brickworld Cinema Team has announced the eighth annual Brickworld Film Festival!

"The event theme for Brickworld Chicago 2019 is “The Moon and Beyond” – we’re excited to see how directors will send our expectations into outer space! Contestants will be eligible to win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, in addition to an attendee only prize (for a $240 USD pool)! We are once again proudly sponsored by minifigs.me and are excited to get more phonetic heads out to brickfilmers!"

The Brickworld Film Festival is open to entrants from around the world, so if you would like to submit, please visit the forums for the full details. Submission deadline is June 10, 2019!

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Welcome to the EASTER 2019 Contest From 2011 to 2015, EASTER was an annual contest to celebrate spring and the spirit of Easter by spending two weeks holed up in a dark room animating! But sadly there was a four year hiatus between the last EASTER and now.... but here we are in 2019 with yet another EASTER Contest! And this time, EASTER is an official Bricks in Motion contest.

But this is no mere reboot of the EASTER contest. This is the ultimate TRANSCENDENTAL EASTER 2019. Let's all do our best to make this the best EASTER yet. Let it transcend all past EASTERs! (Too much? Ok, I'll stop)



The deadline for this contest is April 20th, 2019 at 11:59pm (midnight) EDT. You can see the countdown timer and convert to your time zone here. This means you have a full two weeks to create your entry.

Check out all the contest RULES on the forum!

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First off, a big thank you to all who participated - regardless of whether or not you were able to finish in time. It isn't easy to reschedule an entire weekend for animation, and I commend those that did. The films that came about because of this contest were a joy to watch - and each and every one of you deserve a pat on the back!

Looking forward to next year! mini/bigsmile

Here's a link to the random draw live-stream. Top 10 Announcement and Prize Draw


Alrighty, here are the final rankings. (drumroll please)

https://i.imgur.com/pjFr6XJ.png 1st Place – Bubble by Lainie May

https://i.imgur.com/ry1xPw2.png 2nd Place – Fish Food by Shane Studios

https://i.imgur.com/EIpu0XR.png 3rd Place – Return to the Surface by 2x4 Productions

For the complete rankings and judge's comments on the entries, please visit the forum topic!

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