Topic: PAST and FUTURE Contest Voice Acting Availability Thread

With all the requests being made in the main thread, I figured it was time to post one of these.
If you're available and willing to help out, post your information like so:

Name: John Smith
Details: Male, 24-ish
Languages: English, Klingon, Quenya
Accent: British, Scottish, Hillbilly (with links to examples.)
Restrictions: No particularly crude subject matter. But extra violence is cool!
Microphone: Blue Snowball, pop filter, and padded sound closet
Hours available: 9:17am - 2:57pm CST

As for me:

Name: Shelby Pritchard
Details: Male, 23
Languages: English
Accent: American, Redneck, Texan, and an American's pathetic attempt at something British-ish. (Profile link)
Restrictions: No crude or sexual subject matter and no cursing.
Microphone: Blue Snowball
Hours available: Most evenings and all early mornings.