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4 Tests

by 2x4 studios

5 shoot!

by JaguarBrickFilms

7 New Episode of Puppet Show

by android_jolly

8 Old and recent tests

by J.W. Productions

9 Found my old legos

by JakeBocaj

10 Fish eye lens test

by Robukka

11 Nutcracker Dance Sequence

by BabooAdventures

14 Walk, Focus, Punch Test

by eyeronicks

15 Top 5 Stop Motion Special Effects

by Lights Camera and Lego

16 random tests

by Onewiththestud

17 WIP Tomorrowland 1994 MOC

by ClonedOriginals

18 Old Clone Wars Test

by ClonedOriginals

20 First time manual lip sync

by Legobytes

23 Animation Tests

by Future Past Productions


by StopMotionBbros

25 LEGO ninja test video

by Ace Brick Animations

27 chroma key & mouth animation test

by Bros with da Legos

28 Shang-Chi Flip Test

by Hobo525

30 Lighting proof of concept

by DollarStoreGroundBeef

31 Robot welcome (test)

by 2x4 studios

36 Closed: ideas needed!

by 2x4 studios

37 Here's an Atlantis test

by Atlantean1222

39 I'm new to all this

by Atlantean1222

40 Kaleidoscopic effects

by Robukka