by StopMotionBbros

42 LEGO ninja test video

by Ace Brick Animations

44 chroma key & mouth animation test

by Bros with da Legos

45 Shang-Chi Flip Test

by Hobo525

47 Lighting proof of concept

by DollarStoreGroundBeef

48 Robot welcome (test)

by Owen Garcia

53 Closed: ideas needed!

by Owen Garcia

54 Here's an Atlantis test

by Atlantean1222

56 I'm new to all this

by Atlantean1222

57 Kaleidoscopic effects

by Robukka

58 Drawing Katanas

by Alaberria

59 Help diagnosing issue

by kylewaselewski

60 Kinaver (wip)

by Robukka

61 The Four Studs, Chapter 1

( Pages 1 2 ) by The_Director

64 First animation with computer and webcam

by Citrine's Animations

65 Test animations (old)

by Citrine's Animations

66 Lighting Test

by MrPelluke

68 LEGO Star Wars Race

by beyrouthLEGO

69 Mouth Animation

by Jevy

71 Test

by Robukka

76 Model Boat Test

by BrandonB9

77 Test

by LFP Animations

79 Gum

by elDrac13

80 Inflating a chewing gum.

by elDrac13