81 Lego Minecraft Test Animation

by Frame5Studios

82 Summer 2017 Animation Tests

by backyardlegos

83 Sword Test

by Sir Snorlax

87 Kit lens-Close up shot

by Frame5Studios

88 Laser Beam VFX Test - BrickFilm

by Samy Project

91 Unikitty Test:D

by NTNProductions

92 Lightsaber Test

by NTNProductions

94 Fight Test

by Alaberria

95 Walk in progress

by thistof

96 The Loud Neighbors

by Alaberria

98 Short Fight Sequence

by Lego Stax

99 Dolly Test

( Pages 1 2 ) by END films

100 Shaky Cam Test

by Brickman

101 2-second Melissa test

by HoldingOurOwn

102 Spaceship Takeoff VFX Test

by raytistic

104 Reallu Smooth Animation

by TMBRICKS Studio

105 Ant-Man Shrinking Test REAL ACCOUNT

by TMBRICKS Studio

106 Titles Test

by 1999mrlegoman

107 Brickfilm tests

by Sir Snorlax

108 Whoops

by toasty_muffin

109 LEGO - X-Men Teaser #1 [Feat. Logan]

by Shawarma Studios

110 Brick effects/bouncy animation test

by Mighty Wanderer

111 lego blood and weapons test

by TheClassicSpaceman

112 Moving mouth talking test

by BrickAnimation

115 Ease In & Out Arm Lift tests

by AgentMichaelScarn22

116 Tests

by LBF Productions

118 Green Screen Test

by WoodworkFilms


by Shawarma Studios

120 Lego Owen Wilson

by Immortal Entertainment