Topic: reflection (something from 2018 i never finished)

Oh wow so apparently it's been nearly 3 years since i last logged on here, so forgive me if you ain't supposed to be posting old unfinished crap here.

Anyways have a brickfilm i never finished. I shall leave you with the video description:

oh hell yeah, the 2018 gender-questioning version of me *absolutely* decided to make a brickfilm about a man who sees a woman in his reflection. totally not a telling sign at all. anyways if i wasn't so lazy it would've ended with the guy trying to reach out to the girl, failing, then the next morning smashing the mirror with a hammer and then life would go on, except instead of the guy character we'd now be seeing the girl character (as in, he sort of freed her from the mirror and i guess the guy character was the wrong reflection after all) and instead of all the thunder the weather would be good outside and flowers and trees would start to grow.


trying to animate the lighting effects + the mirrored characters was a fun exercise though. i really should be getting back into this stuff, this would've been cool had it been properly worked on.

Re: reflection (something from 2018 i never finished)

That's pretty cool man, I can relate to unfinished projects haha. I do like the concept. I think you could make a 5 sec end scene to wrap it up ... some plot twist or punchline? 24 hours and you have a finished product