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I am Infurno, 17 years old and living in Belgium. I'm not that active anymore, like I used to be, but I lurk around from time to time.



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Hey Infurno, good to see you!

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Hey, I'm Jim.

I'm 15 years old and I live in the North of England. I started brickfilming when I came across a few brickfilms on, so for my 14th birthday, I asked for a webcam and some animation software, over time I started to enjoy the hobbie, a lot. I also do a bit of skateboarding and I also hang out with my mates, sometimes I decide to go down to town during the weekend or even after school. At the current moment, me and a friend are working on a script for what will hopefully become a feature length brickfilm, I'll start a casting call once the script and when one or two other parts are done. I'll admit that I'm a bit forgetful sometimes, but that's only on Mondays and not to mention that I'm a fussy eater. mini/tongue


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Hi, My real name is Conor. I'm 13 and I live in Dublin. I like brickfilming, art, reading and sports, mostly badminton, sailing and Gaelic Football (I only watch it, I don't play it. I go to most of the All Ireland matches that Dublin are playing in). I'm 5' 7". I live near Doyle Productions, SmallTime, Kevin Donovan and JustAMinifig.

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It's been a while since I properly introduced myself so;


I got into brickfilming when I was 11 years old, when I got Stop-Motion pro 4 from my dad. I registered on in october 2005. I started making live-action movies in 2008.

I like listening to Rock, Electronic and Soundtracks. I have played on a keyboard a couple of times, but I eventually gave up and stopped. I'm considering to 'steal' my sister's guitar for a while to play on that.

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Okay, for the benefit of those who don't know me, I'm Nich; a score in age and coming from ye olde American colonies.

In the Brickfilming world, I animate, edit sounds, and voice act. If your having trouble finding a particular sound, drop me a line and I will either rip it, foley it, or use my international spy network to track that sucker down! Need a voice? I can do that as well. As for animation, well... I have enough of my own projects! Jog on! mini/XD

Outside of the Brickfilming world, I'm attending my third year of college and obtaining an art degree. I watch movies, play games, read books, hike, run, and draw in my spare time (which is nonexistent - -; ). I'm also an uber otaku and hope to live in Japan someday.

Oh yeah....Irish Punk Rock forever!!! OI!


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I am Dr. Blank.  I couldn't log into my account here and I wasn't on the member manifest so I thought I'd start new.  (seeing as I don't like Dr. Blank anymore)

Bill Honda is an inside joke between me and some of my friends outside the internet.

My real name is William Maloney.  I've been a member of brickfilms / bricksinmotion for three or so years, I love the hobby.  I haven't had much time to animate lately but I'm getting a new camera tomorrow (samsung mini dv in case you were wondering) and I plan to participate in THAC 6.  My youtube channel is ObviouslySublime, you might have run across some of my videos.  Anyhow, I don't normally visit this site that often because of my school work, but I really do love the hobby and want to reconnect myself with the site and the people.


I am Dr. Blank.  Just so you know... You know, if I start a conversation with you it wont be awkward if you didn't know it was me.... hee hee hee awkward... awkward turtle babies...hee hee hee........

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i'm Timfee, born in 1988, and .. this is my first post on the new awesome bricksinmotion forum.

I used to make brickfilms with my brother Simon, but decided to stop, for several reasons. I still come here, for several reasons.

well, that's all.

oh no, i forgot : i'm French.

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Hello, I am The Duke. But I'm not really a duke, that's just my username.

Apart from not being a real duke, I like to write music.

My brother (High Tower) does most of the animating around here. I like cinematography so I usually point the camera while he does all the hard work.

I turn 22 in April.

And I also write music.

One time I had a website, but now I don't. But there are still some music files there if you want to check them out. At least I think they're still there.

I have a goatee.

I like to read. Sometimes I try to write as well, but I'm not very good at it.

I like to draw, even though I'm a terrible artist.

I like Batman: The Animated Series.

I think Film Noir is cool.

My favorite cartoon is An American Tale.

I think shooting with an Arriflex 16S camera is jolly good fun.

Oh, and I like to write music.

The End.

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Hey everybody.My name is Christian and im 13.My birth day is on 8th of February.Mostly im busy with school and hockey and of course brickfilming.I guess the things what i can say about me..Im funny some times. mini/lol  I like to hang out with my friends or play hockey..Because i play real hockey on ice in a team.. And my youtube nick name is kriksis104.I have the same nickname at BIM and as you can see.I live in Latvia.It's a small country in europe..Well i guess this is all about me... mini/smile


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Okay, how did I miss this?

Hey, all, it's me, LegosJedi, aka, Jason! Yay! Let's see... I'm a big computer geek. I love making websites, and am working on several applications for Mac. Oh, yeah, Mac. I'm a BIG Apple FanBoi, you know? I haven't made a brickfilm in a while, mostly because my webcam doesn't want to play nice with my Mac. I also am into music, and even compose some of my own stuff, but I don't think I'm quite at that "The Duke" level, you know? (For those who want to listen, my most recent piece is in my sig)

Uh, I think that's all the info I have. If I come up with anything else, I'm sure I'll edit this post to add it.

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Hi im LEGO i am twelve years old, and i like to....

play video games
hang out with my freinds
and of course BRICKFILMING, but im still a begginner and im not very good at it mini/sad but i hope to get better soon!

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Why did you have to choose that name. mini/sad


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Hum....I thought I did this already? Oh well.. mini/confused
Name: Ezra Graham
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Country: Canada
Religion:As you may guess from my name, I am a Christian.
Other: I used to be home schooled, but I graduated. I like Westerns A LOT. I do not have a girl's name! I don't know where people get that idea from!

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randomparrot wrote:

Why did you have to choose that name. mini/sad

i dont know, for some reason it just kind of came to me

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Amazing creativity.

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hi i'm dr007 i like watching lego movies i don't make my own but i would like to some day as soon as i get around to learning how lol mini/lol:P

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SmallTimeProductions wrote:

Amazing creativity.

i know mini/smile

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LEGO wrote:
SmallTimeProductions wrote:

Amazing creativity.

i know mini/smile

You do realize he was being sarcastic, don't you?

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I'm History500

My main interest is in computer stuff, such as hosting your own web-server on a linux box...... Or doing a localhost on my iBook g4.

My interests are: Brickfilming, Besides that I'm a major computer geek, and It's fun, until your Myqsl server crashes...

I like coaching basket ball, but other than that I'm not really into sports unless it's going to a highschool basketball game. I live somewhere in Idaho, but I'm not telling where.