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This is the place to introduce yourself, or just delurk, whether you are new, or have been around for a while!

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Hi I'm Droid.

I eat bacon.

I have a desire to have people lick me.

I have an 'i' in front of my name now because I feel like it.

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I am MeatloafManiaProductions.
I am a funny, outgoing, guy.
If I had more patience my films would be a lot better.
I like to build, program, and pretty much geek it out.
I feel like I'm writing an online dating profile.

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MMproductions wrote:

I am MeatloafManiaProductions.
I am a funny, outgoing, guy.
I feel like I'm writing an online dating profile.

What are your interests? I love eharmony [/sarcasm]

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Oooh!  Very pretty.

My name is Errol. mini/bigsmile

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I'm R&R.
I'm 15.

I like music. I attempt to make it sometimes. I listen to strange, exotic music you will hate. I also attempt to make video games sometimes.

I like film. I make Moving Brick Movies (MBMs) because I enjoy having control of every aspect of my films, as opposed to having to make costly sets and using ad-libbing actors. I am not a particularly savvy MBM maker however (not to say I'm bad, it's just I have bad production quality) so I haven't shown many of my films.

I also am (apparently) a skilled writer and I have a strange fascination with the design of theme parks.

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I'm Sean, and I'm a Legoholic.

I'm 17, turning 18 early next year. In around late January 2008 I crawled out from my 3-4 year long Lego dark age and decided to start Brickfilming. I enjoy video games, particularly First person shooters such as Half Life.
I'm quite good at thinking of storylines and plots. This can sometimes be a problem for me however, because I'll have 6+ stories floating around in my head which can distract me from my current task.
My favorite Lego range at the moment would probably be the medieval range, especially with the Medieval Market Village I'll be getting in the mail soon.
My top two movies are Iron man and Wall-e.
I still enjoy the occasional game of Pokemon on my gameboy.
I have a part time job as a web and graphics designer while I complete my Diploma of Multimedia course.

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Hello, My name is Jonathan Marrero, or LBJ, or LegobrosJon, or LBJ3000.
I'm 15 almost 16, and I've been brickfilming for over 4 years and I been on Brickfilms and BiM for 3 years now.

I'm known for my films that Star Jimmy and Gary, I've made several Brickfilms before, and if you would like to view them, go to and search my topics that I've started in "Post And Review Films"

Right now, I'm currently living my life in the boring city of Ocala Florida, My Hobbies include Bass Guitar, Filmmaking, Hanging out with ma friends, editing, doing extremely stupid stuff for fun, Some Video games, and some other stuff that I can't think of.

If you would REALLY like to get to know the REAL me here's my myspace description:

Myspace wrote:

    Why hello there, my name is Jonathan, I guess I basically have to talk about myself and put of false facts about my personality. But In this case, that's not going to happen, since putting a image over yourself is probably one of the stupidest ideas ever. And there, now you know one of my opinions, I think this is working out great... Okay, On I go...
    Fun Facts:
    I have a soul patch.
    I can and have grown out a beard and I'm 15.
    I love to make movies.
    I love watching movies.
    If you have known me for over 2 years you will know that I used to be really, really, really ugly.
    Okay enough of the fun facts thing, its stupid, I can tell you that I freaking love to say freaking, I don't know why, but its freaking freaking me out. I like hanging out with my freaks at Homeschool group, Because I am schooled at home. I really like music, Aaand I dream to be a AMAZING BASS PLAYER someday. Okay stop laughing. I also dislike people who hate me for stupid reasons, but there aren't that many people who really hate me. Actually I'm pretty sure no one hates me. Whatever. I can hold in very large amounts of anger, I don't know how I do it though. It MUST be the soul patch. I'm a brand new type of person, I can be extremely easy going, and then I can be extremely crazy, like really crazy, and it gets out of hand sometimes. I would write down more about myself, but I can't remember what I'm like so I'll write down some more stuff later. Oh yeah watch all of my videos here: And Once you meet me, you'll probably be like, "DUDE, that guy is SO COOL." even though that's probably not true, and you probably wont say anything in those lines about me, I kinda have it tattooed into my brain. I like to take advantage of my facial hair, I mean why have it if your not going to use it just for extremely sexy-ly good looks? But anyways, I lastly want to say that I'm just trying to be the best christian I can, and that's hard most of the time. I am a Christian even though it may not seem like that sometimes. I'm learning more and more about God every day. And I guess that's pretty awesome.
    Its awesome but that sounded really cliched.



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Hi, Im Ash.

Im a physics student, I like music, art, and tinkering with electronic things. Im a not an entirely unskilled writer, a not completely unenthusiastic coder, and a downright not entirely successful brickfilmer. I also consider myself fairly impartial in OS wars, being a regular user of Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX.

I try and help out around here when I can, hopefully making useful threads and posts.

And I like waffles. And I have a thing for lasers at the moment. They're fantastic.

-Available to answer questions on Hardware, Software, and Audio. Also, I recommend checking out the offical Free Software List

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Yo, im Emma

im 14 turning 15 in May
I like:
Brickfilming with my lego mini/bigsmile
video games
hanging with friends


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I'm The Thug. Surprise!

I play the clarinet and the saxophone
I play video games.
I read Sci-Fi / Fantasy books
I like calculus, a lot.
And I like LEGO, of course!

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Greetings, I am Spudster, also known as "Captain Cow" in the chat.

I live in North Idaho, I'm pretty much a high-tech country boy
I am on the high school swim team
I am a ski bum in the winter
And a boating bum in the summer
I also enjoy hunting and shooting guns.

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Hey. I'm LLF. My name is Aaron (DUH). I've been brickfilming for about 2 years (EDIT: my memory is bad. It's been 5 years mini/tongue). I play the trumpet. I'm 10 years old. Eh... yeah. People call me a n00b, but besides since the site has been down, I've been registered for about six months now. Um... yeah.

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Hey there, hi there, ho there.

I'm Ænima, formerly Ænema... But I think you can handle the change.

I joined this community a coupla years back as Captain Howdy (later, The Captain Howdy). But then I went away for a while and came back as the man I am today. I was at one point the Minister of Discussion on, boy was that a laugh and a half! I've never really been active as a filmer, but that may change one day.

I like Ween, graphic design, photography, and retro video games. I also enjoy maths and language (specifically English and German). I also enjoy heating up chocolate muffins and then eating them. Why? Because it's delicious.

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Why hello thar, VN here, and if your wondering. No, VN doesn't stand for anything. mini/blankexpression

Anyway, I've been creating/testing stop motion animation for about a year now, currently in the phase of "no motivation" I'm planning on entering the upcoming THAC 6 which will be hosted by a fellow BiM member known as StevieCollins. mini/smile Anyway, I mostly enjoy everything that involves LEGO. Set building, viewing models, and of course brickfilming. I also have an interest in other things like sports... snow skiing...

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Aaron wrote:

Hey. I'm LLF. My name is Aaron (DUH). I've been brickfilming for about 2 years. I play the trumpet. I'm 10 years old. Eh... yeah. People call me a n00b, but besides since the site has been down, I've been registered for about six months now. Um... yeah.

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Hi i'm randomparrot
I Like music and films
I'd love to have a job that has somehting to do with Films or music, preferably making music for films.


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I'm The dude.

You'll get to know me.

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What is up my homies. I’m Leginald Shrankenhiemer, and I have developed the title as ‘the merriest elf in all of Cupcake Land.’

Although brickfilming is one of my bigger hobbies, I primarily love to write. I also love video games, filming, hanging out with friends and family, and when I’m not doing those things I’m in school or doing scoolwork. Lego is my favorite toy besides my tricked-out PS3. Aside from Legos, I have also been seen animating with clay from time to time.

Outside of the interwebz, I have long hair and am kinda tall. I’m in eighth grade, graduating into highschool in about half a year and can’t wait.

Hope to talk to ya!

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I'm JustaMinifig,and I'm just

I brickfilm,build moc's,like to play my Ps3/2/1,listening to metal,collecting stuff,and reading loads of books.

Call me JAM,Justa,justaminifig or whatever floats yer boat.

See you on the forums!


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I'm Night Owl.

I'm from Austin, TX, though my dad is German and I live in Berlin. I'm intent on being a filmmaker, though I don't know if I'll study film, since I've noticed that some of the more awesome directors out there (i.e people you've never heard of, which really pisses me off by the way) studied stuff like philosophy or literature first, which I would enjoy as well. At any rate, I'm applying to colleges right now and will know a lot more about my future plans in a few months.

I think the following things are really awesome:

- coffee
- analog photography
- books by Kurt Vonnegut and Jack Kerouac
- beatniks and hippies (fun fact: my parents are baby boomers)
- Bob Dylan
- Dylan Thomas
- philosophy
- Furby
- Where the Wild Things Are
- puns (I'm thinking of writing a theater piece consisting only of puns that would be called A Play On Words)
- more stuff