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Lord of the Thing - PART 3


The adventure continues a bit more!


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Not as inviting as the other two, and the beginning takes awhile to finally get started. But, it gets me interested in Part Four.

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I loved it! The animation was great. There was a bit of light flicker and reflections from time to time, but it wasn't as bad as before. This is hilarious, great job Max, you have created another masterpiece.

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I like this knight tale parody, very funny! mini/lol I am just waiting for the next episode of the adventures of  John Redwood and Wizard Whitebeard...

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I nearly didn't watch this.  I found the start a bit slow and the arms waving around very nearly made me hit the close button.  However, I forced myself to not get distracted by the arm waving.  About half way in I was genuinely engrossed and was actually surprised and disappointed when it ended.  I wanted to see more!!  mini/smile

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Re: Lord of the Thing - PART 3

Really liking this series so far!  The pacing for Part 3 did feel a bit sluggish in comparison to Parts 1 and 2; perhaps it's because less seems to happen in this part.  Still very funny, though--I love the dialogue.

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"Wait, there are women in this world?"

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Not entirely sure if the horse/elephant thing was meant to be just random, or a reference to something (if it was I didn't get it).

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That was an unexpected ending.

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