3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

5 The Lawn MOwer

by Shortstop

6 LEGO Fight 3

by Future Past Productions

7 A Family Affair

by Blandeer

10 The Fastest Food in the West

by BuggoBricks

11 A History of Brickfilms

by Max Butcher

13 CHAOS | My worst Nightmare in LEGO

by Leena, Mom of Nachiketas

14 "Murderer"

by Three Mountains Studio

15 The Quest for Cupcakes

by Shark Suit Studios

17 Lego Evmerging Darkness Is Mewing

by Evmerging Darkness

20 Trip to Memories | Steinerei 2024

by Leena, Mom of Nachiketas

21 The ATM Scuffle

by A Brick

23 Stone Telling

by adruber

27 Hit and Run

by BuggoBricks


by Danns Productions 101

30 Gordon Finley: Gold Fever (2020)

by Hedgerow Films

33 Crash Landing

by JacobCrow

35 The Teapot Troopers

by Green Brick Productions

37 LEGO Sonic vs. Darth Vader--The Beginning

by Dangerous Safe Pictures

38 when the funny

by Obstinarian

39 "Inn-mates" (SHAC 2024)

by 2x4Productions