3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

4 Angel of Freedom VS Doctor Zeuz

by Redbrickstudio

5 Sillywalk

by AoW-Gamer

6 Treadmill

by AoW-Gamer

8 Lego Star Wars: Force Healing

by Lego Legends Studios

11 Luigi meets Sir Fortesque

by ClonedOriginals

12 Sonic builds Sonic LEGO Set

by TheJumiFilm

13 Simulation

by cgdude9

15 Manto Mavrogenous - Greek Heroine

by ClonedOriginals

16 Presence (made for THAC 2022)

by osomstudios

20 New Home Alone

by legodave1

21 Have a nice day

by Chaizin

23 T-Rex Chase

by Keshuuu

24 "The Artist's Eye" | THAC 2022

by Ambi-Dexter Studios

25 Views of War [THAC 2022]

by END films

26 Garbage Art - THAC 2022

by 2x4 studios

27 To the Sky - THAC XIX

by Mighty Wanderer

28 Hot Doggin’

by Joshua Armell

29 Through the Ice

by OneDouglas

30 Sam on the Moon

by MicroSpace

32 Mando meets Han Solo

by Steingehabt

35 A LEGO Christmas Carol (Brickfilm)

by Star Brick Studios

36 A Positive Outlook - THAC 2022

by J&A Studios

40 The Spirit of THAC

by nswihart