3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

4 TMF Movie: Fire

by TinyMushroomFilmsYT

7 Red skeletons' attack

by Calmax

8 Jar Jar Binks Becomes a Sith Lord

by Blue Brick Studio

9 TMF Short: Special Delivery

by TinyMushroomFilmsYT

10 Darth jar jar binks eats everyone

by Orbital Lizard Studios

12 Lego Anime Opening Waterdeep Dragonheist

by EasterwoodProductions

14 Breathe

by PrettyGoodEnough

15 Lego Batman: The Turkey

by Just Films

16 Insomnia (2022)

by Joshua Nelson

17 GOBBLE GOBBLE - Horror LEGO Animation

by EasterwoodProductions

21 LEGO Sniper Ultimate Kill

by MCC Studios

23 The bait

by Knauser


by Obstinarian

25 Plays God of War Ragnarok

by Amporoxide

26 Mind-Wipe

by Joshua Armell

27 Lego Pirate Swordfight

by EasterwoodProductions

30 V like Vendetta

by EasterwoodProductions

31 All Our Food Keeps Blowing Up

by ToasterChan

33 Lego Zombies City Outbreak

by JG Bricks

34 The dinner party

by Piece of Brick Films

35 Happy Halloween!

by Obstinarian

36 Sin Lego Horror

by EasterwoodProductions

40 Billy and Bombs

by Brixie