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Welcome! It’s always good to have a new member! And as for getting started, I’m not sure if you could find they’re videos on here, but I found Rioforce and Edbound’s tutorials to be very helpful when I was getting started!

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Welcome to the wide world of brickfilming!

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I am Cromo Animations, I started making "brickfilms" around 2017. ThenI continued. Currently my only brickfilm is Andy & Lee, but I am working on a big project which is coming soon. I Like collecting LEGO Studios sets. My brickfilms Will be either parodies of brickfilms or New concepts. I try to improve when I have time (rarely). My biggest dream is to reach 1000 subscribers, and I hope to reach that gole, hope you guys Like Andy & Lee!

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Hello! Dangerous Safe Pictures makes shorts and films with an emphasis on character development, plot twists, and storytelling! Our films focus on entertaining an audience that includes families looking for videos with no inappropriate or immature content. We aspire to tell stories that are inspired by the LEGO movies’ comedy and stories…

We also LOVE crossovers…


The animator in this profile has been making films since 2015

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Howdy! I'm Chapster [though I also get called spudley]!
From the UK, have a degree in performing arts maybe I could lend a voice to a project.
Honestly? I like watching the films that get created! I know I dont have the patience or skill to produce so It's awesome to see the skill come to life.
Any questions ask!


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Welcome Chapster! New voice actors are always welcome! Be sure to check out the discord, there's always someone in need of a voice there.

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Hey everyone!

I'm Lightning Lounge, I just joined Bricks in Motion and i'm very excited to get to know the community here!

some basic things about me:

I am pretty new to brickfilming overall, only have made a couple in high school for an English class.

Currently I'm working on my first big project titled: Money Laundering. I'm trying to go for a very ambitious goal of it being a 30 min short film.

If anyone is interested in voice acting for Money Laundering don't be afraid to message me I'd be super stoked!!

I am a fan of filmmaking and i'm constantly amazed with how well the brick filming community can make some of the best animated shorts I've ever seen.

lastly, my favorite food is.......... Cheeeeeeesssssseeeee.

thanks for reading! mini/smile

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Hello, I'm Eli (formerly known as TexasCheetoHog). I've been a member for nearly 10 years but was only active for a little while in 2014-2015 and have popped in occasionally over the years. I want to start anew and find a community of people who share the passion for this hobby that I do and really get to know them this time around.

I've been making Lego animations for a long time and even through college. I'm preparing to go to grad school to study film and who knows what will happen then, but whether I continue to make brick films or not I still want to be involved however I can.

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