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Welcome to Bricks in Motion, Callum!

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I called myself "The Brick Director" - but I usually go by the username "Such A Square".

I've been making brickfilms since I was 13 years old. Mostly because I became fond of them in the days when YouTube was a brand new site (back in 2007 - 2008) - and as a kid I always loved to see the brickfilms made by the others.

As of now, I want to take this passion to the next level and actually make it into a job / career. I have numerous reasons as to why I want this. But to keep it short, I love the idea of making movies, to express emotions / thoughts through the use of film, and because it's charming to see inanimate object (that exist in real world) being brought to life.

I am confident that I'll get to learn a thing or two here in the Forums, or from the users of the Discord server. Really wish to learn more about making stop-motion animations, so I can become better at it. Things like working with armatures, with the limitations of a minifigure, how to make good-looking sceneries or sets, how to work with lighting and so on.

Anyway, that's all I had to say - take care!

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Hi all, I'm new!

Me (dad, 42) and my family (kids 12, 10 and 7 yo) recently came back from a summer holiday to Denmark, where we (among other things) visited Lego House. In one of the attractions there, you can make your own little brick film. Of course we already knew the basic concept, but actually creating something like that by yourself got all of us up to a level of enthusiasm that lasted until we got back home.

So the next Sunday, we just started. Zero preparation or advance planning. Kitchen table top, smartphone on a little tripod, LEGOs and our imaginations was all we had. In a good 5 hours, we had shot around 400 pictures, 300 of which made it into our first production (posted on this forum, see link below), 25 seconds of animation @12fps. In the weekday evenings that followed, I learned the basics of video editing (in Cinelerra-GG) to be able to add a title sequence, credits and background music.

Considering that we did not know anything about making stopmotion animation just over a week ago, I think we did quite well for our first attempt at it. In the meanwhile, we already learned a lot from making this one, and for the next time, we will surely be trying a bit harder on continuity, timing, and constant image quality for an even smoother end result.

Please check out our first film if you feel like it, I'm quite proud of what we have so far and look forward to getting deeper into this very broad and creative hobby! … le-part-1/

Thanks and see you around,

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Welcome to BricksInMotion Stopmogo and The Brick Director. Your stuff is pretty dang good! Stopmogo, watched your hogwarts stop-motion build and some of the stuff in there is crazy good for beginners, especially some of the in-the-air shots, camera work, and music match-up!

God bless and brickfilm on!

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Hi Stopmogo and The Brick Director! Glad to have you! mini/smile

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Hello I am MetalBricks, formerly LegoBoi334 but idk how to change my profile name on here. I've been a brickfilmer for about a year. Not many of you on here favor me because  I have a more mature sense of humor than most can handle

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(Belated) welcome to the forums!

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Thank you my guy

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Goodbye, BiM

It's been a rough year.  As you know, my brother died, and my father is not doing well.  I took some time off from work to be with the family.  I've been thinking about it and am considering dedicating some of that time towards.  finishing Holding Our Own 4.

I log in to check for any messages from other members, which I do once in a while.  I connect under my original username, and get this message:

"Bricks In motion forum:
You are banned from this forum.  The administrator or moderator that banned you left the following message:
'This is a permaban that should have happened a long time ago, as the last one should not have been lifted.'"

I'm not surprised by anything these days, but I didn't expect this.  This was a cowardly act by whomever did this anonymously.  I never was banned from the BiM forums before this.  No private message was provided to explain the reason for this ban.  In fact, I was even banned from reading my private messages!  My only guess is that I'm being canceled from the trans-mob for standing in defense of RioForce.  It's an ironic self-fulfillment: RioForce posts a video showing unhinged bigots shouting someone down.  One of the shouters appears to be a man dressed as a woman, interperted by some to be a trans activist.  The trans--activists then act out the video and become an unhinged mob demanding to cancel RioForce.  It was uncivilized, unfair treatment, and showed an ugly side to the self-proclaimed, "Friendly community".  I was ahead of the curve in being the victim of BiM's systemic cancel culture.  Apparently, I'm still being singled out for reasons beyond me other than years of pent-up hate and bigotry from the admins and moderators.

Who did ban me without reason?  Will you have the courage to say so?  The cards are in your hands.  The BiM admins have been on a power trip for years, and know I can't defend myself, so at least be a man about it.  Ohh!  I said, "be a man", which could offend men pretending to be women?  Not sorry; I'm going to do what the social justice extremists tell everyone else to do but don't do themselves, and "follow the science".  Is the reason for this new ban a double jeopardy for the inappropriate word on Discord years ago: the word that one of my children, whose age is in the single digits, is learning about in school?  If so, I accepted that long ago, although people have posted much worse things without consequence?  I accepted the excessive punishment, a permanent band, but don't accept the double standard.  Skewed justice all the moreso proves that the admins' issue isn't decency; they single people out and engage in petty, personal vendettas, for daring to think differently.  This institutionalized hatred includes alienating people with absurd and baseless accusations of racism.  (Remember comrades, when you need to silence someone you hate, call them a racist!)  They excpected me to cower, but I didn't, so they stepped up their efforts.  In the few minutes this remains posted before the admins remove this rather than address it or post a defense, this is a warning to the lower-ranking members.  If they don't like the way you think, or you're too devout in your religious beliefs, you have no home here, and may God bless you if you become their target too.

It's a sin that what could be an open, friendly, tolerant community is one that's been on the cutting edge of toxicity, long before even the corporate fascists such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, appointed themselves "Ministry of Truth" censoring and demonizing "inaccurate/misleading information" according to their own stilted, subjective standards.  My advice is for people to leave toxic communities, including the pseudo-"platforms" of Facebook, Twitter, etc., and "news" sources that are more into peddling hate and division than what happened todaY: CNN, NPR, the New York Times, etc.  These goliaths make their money dividing people and getting us to hate each other.  BiM does the same thing.  Get away from these places, and seek places of love, acceptance, and positivity.  Find places that renounce hatred and intolerance.  Boldly reject them.  I'm done with BiM.  I'v ebeen so for a while, anyway, but I profess it aloud now.  I shake the sand from my sandals, and move on.

It's been a learning experience, though.  I learned, based on the unjjust actions from BiM, how *not* to run a Discord server.  I began my own for a popular Fantasy RPG (not Dungeon & Dragons).  It's now almost at 750 members, and I treat them with respect.  I don't apply double standards.  I don't treat members differently based on their personal views, and I definitely don't badmouth them, ban them behind their back, try to embarrass them to satisfy my own insecurities, act superior while going on power trips, abuse my power, or treat them with disrespect.  I knew not to do this anyway, but the discrimination I experienced from BiM helped my to really put things into perspective.  I'd never want any of my members to experience what I went through.

If you are the one who banned me from the forums, at least you can explain yourself by emailing me at... EDIT: never mind.  There's no excuse.  I'm already cancelled, banned from the forum without explanation, and you lied about it.  You made yourself heard already.  There's no excuse worth hearing.  The entire admin staff should be ashamed for not just condoning it, but endorsing it.  Sorry for the sockpuppetry, but... EDIT: Not sorry.  It's just an expression because my mother taught me to be polite.  Harsh as my words are, I refuse to stoop to your level.  Well, I'm done, so you can go back to your living out your double standard, condescending and belittling me behind my back on a server I can't access, in order to feed your need to feel superior.

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God bless and brickfilm on!

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Wow I didn't know that about bricks in motion.
This is unexpected

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Ideally I wouldn't be posting this message publicly, but it is best to do so for the sake of transparency. I will probably delete these posts after some time passes.

Hello HoldingOurOwn,

I banned you. However, I was only the person to hit the ban button, because everyone on staff was in full solidarity in doing it. I whole-heartedly stand by that ban.

HoldingOurOwn wrote:

My only guess is that I'm being canceled from the trans-mob for standing in defense of RioForce.

No. There were multiple others who defended rioforce, who were not banned.

You were banned for a history of behavior that spanned throughout your whole time on Bricks in Motion. One of the earliest was when it was made known to staff that you were sending Private Messages to members who either were girls or looked like they could be girls. It was made known by multiple girls that they were very uncomfortable by this, and frankly, the past administration failed in proper disciplinary action. Afterwards, there were many minor infractions, and it always seemed it was only a matter of time before something would happen again.

Additionally, we on staff were made known that you were tweeting derogatory things about "someone who looks like [the avatar of a BiM staff member]" many times, to the point where it was obsessive and frankly, creepy and concerning.

What eventually got you banned in 2018-ish was posting your “Natalie Portman's Vagina” song in the Discord. And your framing of the usage of the word "vagina" as "the word that one of my children, whose age is in the single digits, is learning about in school?" is completely dishonest. The song, that you made, was an INSTRUMENTAL set to a slideshow of pictures of Natalie Portman. Not to mention your well-documented, self-admitted crush on Natalie Portman, so it was clear it goes beyond "just a body part" and well into creepy sexual territory. We would not care at all if there were actual discussions about anatomy. But in light of your prior history, among other minor offenses, we felt it best to ban you.

Your ban was silently lifted a while later, and the rest of staff were very against that choice. Banning you again is correcting what we feel was a mistake.

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Looks like there is no response to this. I’ve banned the Proton sock account for ban evasion, and any future sock accounts by HoldingOurOwn will also be banned promptly, regardless of any phony “staff can’t delete this or they’re hiding something” messages.

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I'd just like to clarify what my comment above was. What it expressed was just my surprise at entering the Introduction forum thread prepared to cheerfully welcome a new member, only to find what appeared to be some kind of expose or denunciation of BricksInMotion as a website, and it's admins. The comment was meant to a) show my surprise, and b) show that I had seen it, while I worked on a careful response, exploring what could have happened, and how someone might possibly have been a fault, while at the same time defending BricksInMotion. Thankfully, however, things were explained. I was one of those who defended rioforce, but I still have a huge amount of respect for every single admin on the staff, and it was a perfectly fair decision that was made, so thanks to Chris or clearing things up.

God bless and brickfilm on!

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Hi all! I am very new to this challenging but extremely interesting stop motion art.

I have kind of interesting background. I've been interested of photography for a long time. Then other area I would like to explore is film making. On that area I do not have any prior experience.

However as having a daytime job and then during evening being a family dad for two kids there are some time constraints to do anything extra. My older boy mentioned one day that he would like to have a popular Youtube channel but he does not want to put any effort for that.

Somehow I then thought that it would be a nice challenge to try to create YT channel. And then I accidentally saw some quality lego stop motion videos. At that moment I realized that I could actually combine my existing experience with still photos and my desire to explore film making by doing lego stop motions!

And here I am. As of writing this I have done 3 episodes of Lego City Police challenges which includes coffee burglar and Bank's broken security camera. Plus then some concepts and test videos. Looking forward to create new content!