Re: Resignation

We're gonna miss you Schlaeps, although I hope you'll still drop by from time to time. Smeagol, I'm sure you'll be a brilliant admin. I know we're going to be in safe hands with you at the helm mini/smile

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Re: Resignation

Schlaeps, are you staying here or you permanently leaving, or are you leaving for a little while?
I am glad Smeagol is now the admin. I think he will do a great job.
Schelaeps, we will all miss you.

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Re: Resignation

bhuhu, first StevieCollins and now you. mini/sad

Re: Resignation

No need to say it twice, BrikStudio1 productions mini/wink.

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Re: Resignation

Badger wrote:

I'm going to agree with Munzapoppa. I don't want to seem like a downer or a hater, but I'm kind of frustrated that Schlaeps is just going to give up like this. I know he has a life, but I wonder why he bothered to start all of this when he knew he would be going to college, which is obviously more important. ILB was one of the causes of the divide, and now he's leaving us.

I don't know what to say, honestly.

It's a website. A hobby website.

Re: Resignation

I had no time yesterday, so: Goodbye Schlaeps, thanks for creating a wonderful forum!
And welcome Sméagol. I saw you've already organized some things - keep going!

- JD
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Re: Resignation

Goodbye Schlaeps. Its all time hard to leave... But you made a good choice to take Sméagol as Site-Admin.

Welcome Sméagol, I hope you have a nice and funny time as Site-Admin.
Its a big charge/responsibility, so I wish you all the best!

Re: Resignation

Wow...this has come as a shock.
Schlaeps,goodbye,your reign as owner and admain was a good one,yet there were problems,mainly due to the unrest emanating from the schism that rocked our humble community.We have gone through hard times in the past year,and hopefully it shall end soon,and we shall all come to live in peace with our fellow brickfilming communities.


Re: Resignation

Schlaeps, you've done a lot of work, you've been very nice to us all, and you were a great leader of BiM, and I thank you for that.  Good luck with college, and may you live long and prosper. mini/smile  I'll miss you.

Sméagol, welcome to the position that you've been given.  I, like others, have faith that you, too, will be a great leader of BiM. mini/bigsmile

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Re: Resignation

jampot wrote:

In the words of Sharad Hett, "Blessed be your going out from us."

But...then he became the Dark Lord of the Sith...

Hopefully Schlaeps will be able to give us some input from time to time, though the reason he stepped down was because had a lot of other things to do.  We've got some exciting plans in store for the site, though, so keep checking back.

Re: Resignation

We'll miss you

But I'm sure Sméagol will do a great job in his new position mini/smile

Re: Resignation

Sméagol's right. The main reason I need to step down is because I just don't have the time. I'll pop in every once in a while, but I imagine that, at least in the foreseeable future, my posts will be as sporadic and limited as they have been the past few months.

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Re: Resignation

Wait, Schlaeps is leaving?! Everything is changing while I am away! mini/sad
Good luck with your future Schlaeps and congratulations on the position of Site Administrator! I know you will do a fantastic job. mini/smile


Re: Resignation

Oy Vey! We've lost Schleaps! Well, I give the new admin my best wishes for good luck.

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Re: Resignation

So much has changed.
The great move to from
Stevie Collins leaving.
Now this...
The year 2009 was expected to bring change,

but none of us expected this...

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Re: Resignation

I think it was a good choice to pass on the role of Admin. You did well, old bean

Good luck in future, Schlaeps! We'll miss you.

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Re: Resignation

D.J.M. wrote:

Stevie Collins leaving.

But Stevie hadn't made a brickfilm for about a year and a half. What about Matt Gillan?


Re: Resignation

Paraphrasing myself:

Three departures does not an exodus make.

Re: Resignation

Cheers Schlaeps, I hope you maintain ownership of the site. So that we don't end up years down the line in the same boat as we did with  I wish you well with college, it was a hard decision for you, but ultimately the best decision for your future.  Hope you still pop in from time to time. Good Luck

Stevie Collins is leaving


Ironic, he has complained and complained about Schlaeps not doing anything, and as soon as there is new movement on the site he leaves.

Sorry, but I got tired of Stevie Collins and others like him constantly being extremely ungrateful for the hard work Schlaeps put in for FREE for all of us. 

This is not an exodus far from it, I see it as another chapter in this new phase of brick filming and I for one welcome the new possibilities that it is going to offer us, whilst also missing Schlaeps, I am sure that he has done the right thing for himself and us and in a way it's all good all round.

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Re: Resignation

Nathan Wells wrote:

Three departures does not an exodus make.

Not when it's... You know what, never mind.

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