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The whole causing the schism then leaving thing does have some validity, but in general this website will probably end up being better than what the new Brickfilms 3.0 is. Additionally, I remember some people saying when the whole fiasco first occurred that sooner or later somebody was going to split from Brickfilms anyway (with its imminent decline into anarchy,) so we could just as easily be in this situation with someone else. Schlaeps being the former admin of Brickfilms does throw a wrench into it, but either way the actions were somewhat justified.

Another point to consider here: I have noticed since I very first joined Brickfilms three years ago today, in fact, that people come and go in cycles. I would say 80% or more of the members active on here and Brickfilms (or both) are ones that were not there when I first joined. Conversely, about the same number that were active then have since disappeared. It goes to show that people in general don't last at places like this: even admins. This "cycle" may have come at an inopportune time for Schlaeps with the controversy arising from his actions regarding the two sites and his construction of this one, but what I'm trying to say is that it is only natural. Schlaeps has been around about as long as I have, I believe, and I too have had my fair share of brickfilming, and my activity with the site seems to be unfortunately on the wane.

Anyway, thanks for your contributions, Schlaeps. At least we have this site to come to as an alternative instead of nothing.

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I'm very happy for Sméagol that he'll get us back on track and that a smooth transition has come about, though I feel really bad for you Schlaeps, that you couldn't have finished your goal to create a spectacular site for just a small hobby community; I want to thank you for all the labor that has been already completed.

Good luck and all. mini/smile

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Schlaeps, we will miss you. mini/sad Don't leave forever, come back after you graduate, at least for a visit.

Sméagol, congratulations on your new post! mini/bigsmile

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You will still be the official owner, right? Welcome, Smeagol, for this is the first time I have been happy with a change in website administration. Schleaps should still have admin powers, like RevMen did when he handed Administration on BF over to Schleaps. But yeah, nice to have an admin who can et things done!

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I guess technically speaking I'll still be the owner in that I own the server BiM resides on, but if you guys decide to move to a different host or anything like that I'm not going to put up a fuss.

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Re: Resignation

I hope that you keep coming back here Schlaeps.

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This is the single greatest thing to happen to this site in a while. GO SMEAGOL.

this website will probably end up being better than what the new Brickfilms 3.0 is.

That shouldn't be too hard ...

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Thanks for all you've done Schlaeps. Welcome, Smeagol! mini/smile

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Well, thank you far all you done for us Schlaeps.

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Let's go to work.


PS Schleaps, thanks for everything.

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Re: Resignation

Thank you Schlaeps, I wish you well with College.


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Schlaeps... I don't even know you. Think I know how old you are, but the number of messages from you I ever read on both BF and BiM can be count with my two hands fingers. I know you worked hard on this site, think it's a good thing to have left BF and created a new community, but the fact you were more and more unable, for some reasons (and I don't blame you), to lead this community, was being easier to feel. Thanks a lot for having been the one to act to create a better place to be, for having built this site, and for taking the decision to let someone else take your place. I think Smeagol is a good choice, even if I don't know him much more than you....

So, be blessed in ther rest of your life, and... well. OK. it's just great.:)

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Goodbye Schlaeps. I don't really know what else to say, I am just happy something will finally happen to this place.

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Thanks for the work on this site Schlaeps mini/smile. We'll miss you mini/sad.

Welcome Sméagol mini/bigsmile !

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In the words of Sharad Hett, "Blessed be your going out from us."

If this is what you feel is best, then goodbye Schlaeps. You have done an exceptional job on BricksInMotion.
Also, I believe Smeagol was the best choice to take over. I have great faith in you! You have been so nice to me since I started Brickfilming, as you have to everyone (I'm sure).

Goodbye Schlaeps, and good luck!

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Re: Resignation

I'll miss you Schlaeps,thank you for everything you've done mini/smile


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I'll miss you Schlaeps! Thanks for everything you've done, you have put a lot of time and effort into the community. With a great guy like Sméagol as our new admin, BiM will have a bright future! mini/smile

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Psh, that was fast.


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