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This tale concerns knights, in number three. Who had naught but little talent in sword-play, and even less in jousting. And therefore could not defend, nor protect, even themselves with much efficiency. And as often happens in tale of protagonist piggish persons and perpetually poor-sighted girls clothed in cloaks composed of a cloth the color of crimson.
An evil being of wolfish nature has stepped upon the scene of our heros.
Being full of vile and violent intentions, he desires naught but the eventual downfall of those beings who we most cherish.
Can the crusaders ward off this barbarous invader?
Or will they be defeated by his evil ploys?

A Pritchard Studios Production

Note: This animation is inferior to my best work. As between not possesing a good script, and not desiring to become a contestant in TOY until recently, I had but one and one-half fortnights to complete and compile this film. Therefore, I ask thee to overlook the small errors in this movie.

Re: ToY: The Three Knights

I think that most viewers will find that there was too much dialogue and not enough action.  There were also a few plot discrepancies

Spoiler (click to read)

for example the third castle was inflatable and could have been defeated even more easily than the other two by the poke of a sword, and where were the "perpetually poor-sighted girls..." that you mentioned in the description, etc.

  I did, however, enjoy the music and voice-acting, your clever "old English" dialogue, and your creative interpretation of a well-known tale.  mini/smile

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Okay...#1 The "girls" are Little Red Riding hood, if she can't tell a wolf and her grandma apart the she does have poor eyesight. (That or an ugly grandma.) The reason that's said is to have a long cool intro for the "Wolf", but I ended up cutting that statement out of the final movie. So I just put it in the text.
#2-Umm..yeah. I didn't think of the inflatable castle idea until late into filming, so it would have ruined the story if it just popped. Maybe Lupus just didn't know.
#3 Yes I know there's not much action, but how would you put that into The Three Little Pigs? I also wanted to work on talking more because my other films are all action/fighting and I wanted to do something else. And do you really need lots of action to make a good movie?

Thanks for the help, I'll keep that in mind.

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Ah, now I get the "poor-sighted girl" reference, but I still don't know if I would mention that since it was not part of your film, but that's me.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed your film, and I personally get sick of constant "action and no story" animations.  I just think that you could have had a bit more action rather than so much talking since you made a longer film.  All in all, however, I enjoyed the film and look forward to seeing more of your work.  You really had some creative ideas here, and the film is definitely worth watching. mini/smile

Re: ToY: The Three Knights

Well...the girls were gonna be part of it.
I was going to have the narrator say "...happens in tale of protagonist piggish persons..." and show a Gamorrean. Then:"...poor-sighted girls..." and show a red-hooded girl figure running into a tree. Then:"...being of wolfish nature..." and show a werewolf guy. But I don't have a red hood, or a werewolf or a Gamorrean, and I didn't have time to green screen them in. mini/sad

But on a different note,
Since I couldn't do Star Wars I added a few  "secret" references to the Galaxy far, far away.
So see if you can find them all. mini/wink

Re: ToY: The Three Knights

The story was interesting.  Viewing it at first, I thought perhaps there was some origin of the Three Little Pigs I wasn't aware of, but it turned out to be a humanized interpretation.  Animation was okay and

Spoiler (click to read)

I assumed the inflatable castle was purely magic and the castle was indeed made of stone

I like the antagonist's sword swinging bit.  It added to his dialog.

Re: ToY: The Three Knights

I really enjoyed the dialogue, and the whole scope of the thing. At first I was against the hand-drawn sets, but I grew to like them - It reminded me of the early Swords and Sorcery movies. The narration was very well timed and well delivered. The animation was above average, and I enjoyed the twist in the classical fairy-tale - which made the whole thing unpredictable.

There were many times I let out a chuckle - particularly the final line. Overall: a nice entry.

Max, She/Her

Re: ToY: The Three Knights

So...Just why is everyone stuck on the inflatable castle?
It's not magic, just a random joke thrown in for the fun of it.
(I knew I should have added "ACME" on it.) mini/tongue 

Thanks for all the comments, I need a lot of help from other, more experienced animators. mini/yes
Any and all advice is taken seriously, and I am glad you all took the time to watch my movie and post about it.

Re: ToY: The Three Knights

Not bad. Very decent animation, though the lightning could have been a lot more atmospheric and the narrator was enjoyable enough.

Re: ToY: The Three Knights

I really enjoyed your entry. There was quite a lot of talking, but it held my attention to the end. I liked the joke at the end, and I loved the way the robber swished his knife as he was talking.
I suppose the only historical reference here was the medieval setting, but I loved the way you based the story off 'the 3 little pigs'. Very nice.
4/5 - One of my personal favourites. mini/wink

Re: ToY: The Three Knights

it was awesome spot on mini/delirium


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