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The Three Knights-TOY entry

Directed By: Shelby Pritchard

Genre: Parody, History, Comedy
Length: 08:44
Released: July 17th, 2011

Director's Comments

This tale concerns knights, in number three. Who had naught but little talent in sword-play, and even less in jousting. And therefore could not defend, nor protect, even themselves with much efficiency. And as often happens in tale of protagonist piggish persons and perpetually poor-sighted girls clothed in cloaks composed of a cloth the color of crimson.
An evil being of wolfish nature has stepped upon the scene of our heros.
Being full of vile and violent intentions, he desires naught but the eventual downfall of those beings who we most cherish.
Can the crusaders ward off this barbarous invader?
Or will they be defeated by his evil ploys?

A Pritchard Studios Production

Note: This animation is inferior to my best work. As between not possesing a good script, and not desiring to become a contestant in TOY until recently, I had but one and one-half fortnights to complete and compile this film. Therefore, I ask thee to overlook the small errors in this movie.

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