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Something in the AIR (Apple Spoof)

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Here is a little Clip with parts of the "brickfilm-Event" at the Apple Store Munich (at the end there are pictures of the Store in bricks)
As it was in Munich, Germany, i´m speaking german - i tried to translate my words... but you already know all that stuff about stop-mo and brickfilming ;-)

Show@Apple Store

New mysterious Apple product seen in Apple Store Munich.
Will this be the new product line in 2010 ?
We had the chance to "see" and film it while a 2 hour brickfilm workshop LIVE inside the Apple Store, Munich. The workshop with me and Sandra was to show people, what brickfilming is and what we use for it. We were invited by Boinx Software (iStopMotion) and Apple itself to this Artis-Serial called "Made on a MAC".

Keep in mind that the first part of the Movie was made LIVE at the Apple Store in Munich (with a lot of people watching), so the light flickers and you can see the reflections of the audience at the brickish front of the Lego-made-Apple-Store. The second part of the Clip was made at home, one day prior to the event. We combined both parts, the Sound-Effects, the Music and Voices at the end of the brickfilm-show inside the Store. It was a lot of fun, for us and the people watching everything.

Have fun too,


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Very enjoyable!
I saw a couple of Lightflickers in the first shot, I belive it was the Audience..
Nice.. Story..., I loved the Ending, Very creative.
The animation seemed fine, Sometimes a little lacking, But fine.
The Sound, and Sound effects was very good, Nothing there.
I think that's it. mini/smile

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thanks guys - it was hard to animate at the event and you also can see that the Alien-Figures walk cicle lacks.
We explained a lot in these twi hours at the Apple Store. The first part of the movie animated inside was only round about 12 minutes of the whole event.

If you want to see how it looked with all that LEGO in an Apple Store - see the EVENT-CLIP on youtube
with a lot of pictures of the LEGO made Apple Store at the end. Inside and outside.


and here is a picture (free to use for a brickfilm!) mini/wink

and just a little screenshot about the minimalistic Sound-Design:

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golego wrote:

Whoa mini/eek

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Wow the soundboard looks pretty complicated for "Minimalistic"..

The sets were absolutely wonderful, They were all greatly built and i don't think you could have did any better with the "iWash"...

I normally get tired of apple spoofs as there is so many but this was funny and i chuckled when they iWash nano came up mini/tongue. The iWash touch was brilliant too and its more amazing you did this infront of a crowd. I loved the truck and the apple logo and store was brilliant. Was they built on sight at the apple store or did you bring them from home? Either way very nice ^_^.

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Very enjoyable golego! There were light-flickers in the first shot but the rest
was just great. Keep it up.

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That was great! The only complaint I have is that the animation felt a little slow at times. Other than that, I enjoyed it!
Great job. mini/smile


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Maybe I'll use that sometimes as a billboard mini/smile (in Truth)

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i updated the first post with a clip about the event in Munich.