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Chaos Cupboard

YouTube - Better edited version
YouTube - Entry version

My THAC 7 entry. I've included 2 versions here as I struggle to fully edit the film in the given 24 hours, leaving it a little rough-edged.

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The editing on this version is definitely better, if only you had time to make this your entry version. The animation was superb, as always. I loved the part where the house begins to shake, and a bunch of people pop out of the cupboard. I also really enjoyed how he turns on the lights, and the glow coming from the fire at the start. That's really cool. Fantastic entry! mini/bigsmile

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Thanks MooCJ. As this was my first THAC, I wasn't very good at planning my time, so the editing was more of an afterthought to pull the film together in very little time. This is one of my many mistakes I shall learn from for my next THAC.

Any more comments?

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Although there were a few set bumps and the props were moving a little, I really enjoyed the animation. The animation was really cartoon-y, which I like. The music also went with the film very well. It added to the "fun" of the film.
The tractor was also well-made too. mini/smile

Great job.


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