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Overall: 7
Story: 4
Animation: 8
Cinematography: 9
Effects: 4
Sound: 8
Music: 9

Chaos Cupboard

Directed By: CheesyBricks

Genre: Comedy, Action, Fantasy
Length: 00:56
Released: January 3rd, 2010

Director's Comments

My THAC 7 entry. I've included 2 versions here as I struggle to fully edit the film in the given 24 hours, leaving it a little rough-edged.

Staff Review

The look of this film is extremely good with some very fluent camera moves and some lovely framing however I do feel that it has too little substance when it could have been great. It had a great start but sadly a flimsy ending. It would be great if CheeseyBricks could do redo this film and without the restraints of THAC it could really be a great brickfilm.

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