Topic: Create A Realistic Planet In Blender

Now, simply creating a large UVSphere and texturing it to create a planet does not seem to work. It does not look like its really in the distance and its really big. it just looks like a sphere in the middle of no where.
How would I create the effect of the planet being very large and kind of more in the distance. Not just looking like a ball that has a texture?
And on top of that, how would I create the atmosphere (The slight glow you see around the planet) ?

Thanks to anyone who can help mini/smile .

Also, a little extra question, if i make my UVSphere to big or something, it disappears at a certain point. As in it gets cut off. How can I expand the view/grid to stop this?

Re: Create A Realistic Planet In Blender

Many of the links in this thread are broken, including the majority of the pictures, but you might be able to glean something out of it. There was a specific mention about creating atmospheric glow.

EDIT: Check this out.

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Re: Create A Realistic Planet In Blender

Thanks noodle, you really just solved my problem