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Swine Flu - The Pandemic (UNFINISHED)


I started this project hoping that I would release it in time for the peak of the Swine Flue outbreak (The media makes such a fuss, so I thought I’d take advantage).

However I never got round to finishing it, I filmed 3 minutes and edited it, but thats as far as I got, and I apologize for that.

So here is the 3 mins footage that I filmed.

If you’re interested in seeing the original script, here it is:

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Re: Swine Flu - The Pandemic (UNFINISHED)

Good video. Great stop motion, cinematography, voice acting, masking, EVERYTHING!!! Though, the swearing was not to our liking. 4/5.

Re: Swine Flu - The Pandemic (UNFINISHED)

Niiice. Wish you finished it. The animation itself was great.

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Re: Swine Flu - The Pandemic (UNFINISHED)

I was wondering what happened to this. I seem to have a knack for voice-acting for films that never get finished...

Encouraging start, and a shame you had to give up on it. A few re-recorded lines and it could have been any generic disease, so I hope your reason for quitting was solely a lack of interest.

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Re: Swine Flu - The Pandemic (UNFINISHED)

Yeah was basically lack of interest.

Thanks for the comments guys mini/smile