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Released: February 19, 2021
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brickfilm from just now

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I've been looking forward to this and it did not disappoint. Aside from your usual imaginative abstract wonderfulness, I enjoyed your use of colour here. The pictures are vibrant and full. In turn, the use of various lighting did not go unnoticed either: bright and consistent for the most part. Loved the use of fore-, mid-, and background in this video.

Any reason you decided to go with this aspect ratio? I thought it was well used, complimenting the horizontal design of most of the sets.

Was this shot with your new Logitech BRIO?

Yes, it's homemade, fresh from the toaster oven.

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Half of this is with the new camera: I am learning to get the best picture quality plus DaVinci Resolve for colour corrections and grading. 

The aspect ratio crop from 16:9 to even wider was a random decision, it worked for some of the shots. The BRIO does shoot pretty wide in the broadest option but I would have to build more broader sets to get the full use and not have to crop from the sides.

(by the way on BiM the ads get in the way of pressing the submit post button mini/confused )

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I love your style of animation. The lighting and the sets are great. Really well done!

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