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The Greatest Treasure of All

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Fredrick Spears and his crew of brave adventurers have traveled the world in search of the greatest treasure of all time. Now, they have finally reached their destination... The Temple of Walangloo!

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Re: The Greatest Treasure of All

That was excellent! It's too bad you weren't able to finish it in time for BRAWL, this definitely would have been a top 3 contender for me. (Not that I was judging, or would have had any influence whatsoever on the scoring, but whatever...)

What really stood out to me was the animation. You create these unique and zany characters not only with a good script and great voice acting, but through the animation as well.  It seems like everyone was animated with the appropriate cartooniness for that particular character. The more "grounded" treasure hunters were shot in a more grounded way, while more over-the-top characters like the monk and "bad guy" Igoo were given just the right amount of flair. That's really impressive, and you pull it off very well. I love the cross-legged pose of the monk, too: it looks ridiculous, but somehow it works.

Re: The Greatest Treasure of All

"Are you telling me I lost an arm and a leg to learn the power of friendship?"


This film was filled with hilarious moments: The above exchange, the monk's face at 3:24, his wonderful out-of-socket arm movements all throughout, the explosion at 3:41, and even the glorious credits. (Props for doing more than just boring text!)

But seriously, ending it like that nearly killed me. Did they survive? What happens next?

It was a very entertaining film, one that certainly had that classic "BRAWL" feel. Thanks for finishing it and allowing us all to enjoy it. Keep up the great work!