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I've been super busy with grad school (see signature), but I finally got this finished. I recommend watching with headphones; I did some fairly subtle sound design that I'm pretty happy with.

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Great film. The lighting was really nicely done. My favorite part was where they shot the bananas at him!

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Great job! Lighting and sound are very impressive.
I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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Always nice to see a new film from you. The attention to detail is definitely evident here, especially in the sound design. Also, the grocery store set looks great.

While I suspected something from the title, when the robber pulled out the banana, I had a good laugh. Keep up the good work!

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Very crisp and smooth, not to mention detailed. You did a very good job.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about this! Great job! I really liked the atmosphere presented - that opening shot did wonders. mini/wink

Nice smooth animation as well. This was very polished all around! mini/bigsmile

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From a technical aspect, this film was very good, (lighting, animation, sound design, etc), and the punchline was very funny. I especially liked it when the police were also carrying the same "type" of weapon mini/lol


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Great work! The lighting and set design are fantastic.

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Mighty Wanderer wrote:

I really liked the atmosphere presented - that opening shot did wonders. mini/wink

I'm pretty happy with how that shot turned out; recording paper sounds that matched up really well with the animation took forever. Thanks for all the comments guys, I really appreciate it. mini/smile