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Benny n' Lee in: Parallel Panic


When Benny and Lee's couch is accidentally sent to an unknown parallel universe, they must go exploring to retrieve it. Who knows what - or who - they might find?

For those who don't know, Benny n' Lee is a series I have made since 2007 about the two titular characters, a skeleton who really likes fake cheese, and a robber who really wants all of Benny and Lee's money. This is the twentieth main film in the series, and has been in production on and off for over two years now. Within its production time, I also made 8 other films totaling about 16 minutes in length, which were all contest entries. This even included an entirely separate Benny n' Lee film for THAC at the start of this year (which makes 2016 the first calendar year in which I have released more than one full Benny n' Lee since 2009, even if they were released on January 3rd and December 30th).

When I was unsure what to do for a soundtrack, Blue Ghost stepped in and created music for the whole film in under a month. I think he did a fantastic job.

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Really great film. I laughed through the whole thing, and there were some really fantastic bits of animation in there. Also, Blue Ghost did a really great job with the music. It's always a treat when we get a film of this length and quality, great work. mini/smile

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Well, another episode, another collection of zany fun!

While the idea of parallel universes is fairly common in sci-fi, you've managed to keep things fresh and fun with your ever witty humor and great comedic timing. In addition, this one seemed to have more effects work, all of which was done well.

I quite enjoyed the differences and similarities in each world. Each had a similar floorplan that was recognizable, yet uniquely telling of each different world. Plus, chaos at the end was a fun twist. The sub-plot involving the skeletons was amusing, and as has been discussed before, sub plots in brick films are all too rare, making quite the welcome treat!

Great job!

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This is what any great animated comedy series should be like. It was so funny, and also clever. The animation and set design, as always, is really topnotch.

As said by Pritchard Studios, the idea of parallel universes isn't anything new,  but you managed to put an imaginative and very creative, and really funny, twist on the old concept. I know it takes you a long time to make these, but they pay off at the end. I hope you never stop making these!

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Great film. Probably one of the best brickfilms I've seen this year. I don't know what it is, I just... It's really good (Good stylistic animation)
I also loved the Alex and Derrick crossover. Wouldn't it be awesome if there were more crossovers like this? Tim and fRED? Ben and Andy?
  Anyway, great film

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This is some fantastic fun and a great way to finish off the year.  A fifteen-minute brickfilm of this quality is rare to find and I'd say the wait is definitely worth it.  The animation and writing are great, and I enjoyed a lot of the jokes (the "sponsored universe" gag and jab at unboxing videos, all of the parallel Benny and Lees, the Fake Cheese Universe, the Alex and Derrick cameo, and Benevil and Evilee in particular were great). 

All in all, a great film, and I really enjoyed myself whilst watching this.

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I really want that sci-fi couch....

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This was hilarious, loved it! mini/bigsmile
Very original and lots of good ideas, congrats!

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I was glad to be a part of this. Seeing the film take shape as more sound and music was added was a lot of fun, as was coming up with ways to help the music fill out and punctuate the action.

I can't wait to see more of this continue, from what it seems like

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from the paralleleporter that still worked after being smashed at the end, that this is a cliffhanger and there may be more interdimensional travel in store in B 'n' L's future mini/wink

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“Is this the fake cheese universe!? No. Let’s go.”

The first time I heard about Benny n' Lee in: Parallel Panic was in chat sometime over a year ago. From that time on, I was anticipating it's release.

Everything about this film is great. The animation is lively and expressive–really fun to watch. Also I love the various sets; the spaceship, the evil lair, Alex and Derrick's apartment, and of course, the classic Benny n' Lee living room.

The teleporting effect came together really nicely–especially in the evil lair with the blue light shining down on the spinning dish piece. My favorite bit of animation has to be the couch on the spaceship with the self-pouring teapot and the ejection seats. Awesome stuff.

Also, Blue Ghost did an excellent job with the soundtrack. I think it fits well with the overall feel of the film as well as the timing of the animation.

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We waited and waited, and 2014 finally came. Thank you!

The plot was excellent and, even though the film was 15 minutes, didn't feel long or drawn out at all. I love all the inside jokes and brickfilmer references as well as the original humor. This is a great addition to the Benny n' Lee series.

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This was amazing, I was not expecting an Alex and Derek cameo!

I am supposed to put something here.

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I remembered that I meant to share the deleted scene from Parallel Panic, for anyone who might be interested. This scene serves no real purpose and isn't funny enough, we thought. I was intending to tighten up the editing a bit before showing it, but I think there's not much point and I'd probably never get around to it. Here it is as it was before being cut:

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Well done! Nice effects and funny!

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Really good brickfilm, got some neat visuals.