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My Brickfilm that won 2nd place in's Friendships & Rivalries (FAR) competition.

Pirates is a Lego Drama set during the time of the great Sea Pirates.

John Todd, the first mate of a pirate crew, is betrayed by his evil captain (Black Heart). When John's daughter is kidnapped he sets out to rescue her from the pirates he once served for.

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Brilliant film. mini/wink I watch it alot. mini/smile

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Like I said, I think the scale of it is impressive, the plot is sort of thin at times. Still, it's a great achievement.

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My son and I were captivated by this film. Thanks for bringing the Lego pirates to life. mini/smile

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This definitely made 2nd on my list of favorite films, America: Outlawed being 1st! Vandy is the best Brickfilmer of all!

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This is clearly one of the biggest master pieces out of all brickfilms - I cannot stop watching this film, after I've seen it at least 10 times! This is really one of the best brickfilms of all time. Well done, Mr. Vandergrift! Amazing work! mini/yes

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