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Haha, nice! I don't understand the ending, but I like the film. Your animation was great, and I liked the story. The lighting could have used a bit of work though, it was kind of bland. mini/wink Keep up the good work!

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Re: BRAWL 2015: The Janitor

I found this really enjoyable. I'm with rioforce on the ending however, didn't see how that fit with the beginning of the film but ignoring that I found it very funny. I think it would be worth returning to this idea and remaking it without the pressure of BRAWL, I think it's got a lot of potential if you were to add more to the character.

Re: BRAWL 2015: The Janitor

This was one of my favourites. You really managed to pack a lot of comedy into a minute, with a great sense of chaos.

My guess about the ending: I think it is showing that whatever hat the machine puts on him, it makes him 'focus' entirely on the job associated with it.

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In the rush of watching all the BRAWL entries right before the results were announced, I kinda forgot about this one. But it's really good! A great (mostly) silent comedy. sillypenta's interpretation of the ending makes sense, but my initial reaction was just that it's hilarious how out-of-nowhere and creepy it is.