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Was there one project you had wrote a script for, cast all the parts, then for some reason decided not to go ahead and film it?

Re: Have you ever cancelled a project?

I cast and animated 10 minutes of a 50-minute sci-fi musical brickfilm called Space Opera. What I came to realize was that I was starting college and at the rate I was going, it would take me 4 or 5 years to finish the film even if I focused solely on it. Also some of my cast members were flakey and only had recorded part of their roles, and I was having trouble getting them to finish.

Later, I tried to start a collaborative brickfilm web series, "Horses that Talk," with a team of several animators. Keshen and 0ldscratch recorded voices for it. The animators kept putting off starting animation and eventually I realized it was never going to happen, I had probably chosen a team that (like myself) was too inexperienced to pull something like this off.

ONE LAST TIME, I started making a sequel to Crown of Syracuse, about Archimedes' war weapons. Keshen and Fancypants recorded voices for it. It was while I was in college, and I ran out of time to finish it.

I felt pretty badly about wasting peoples' time with these projects. At some point I realized that it was just unrealistic to try to make time to finish them because they all proved more complicated to pull off than I had planned, by a wide margin. Instead, I'm focusing on not starting any new projects that I can't finish, and finishing all my projects that I've currently got in the pipeline before I start something new.

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Not only did I have voice actors for a 10-15 minute Sherlock Holmes film, I started animating it as well. There's a thread buried deep in the Production forum about it. Before I got to far into animation I realized that the script was pretty bad, and that my own voice work as Sherlock Holmes was also sub-par, so I decide to just let the project die and move on. Also, as Smeagol has already touched on, college can really get in the way of big projects as well. I'm glad I dropped it, but I do still hope to go back and make a good Sherlock Holmes brickfilm, with a interesting mystery. I need to improve a lot as a writer before I can properly tackle such a project.

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Pre-2013, I cancelled just about every major project I started. I can be a bit hyperactive, and find it difficult to focus on any one project for long, so my Agents series never came to pass, nor did the Caden Hawke adventures, an alt-u BIONICLE series, and a ton of other stuff. Luckily for the latter the only voices I'd collected in were from some close friends, who were really understanding when I told them I couldn't finish the project, but I myself always found it tough to let go of something, even if I wasn't particularly enjoying making it. The truth was, most of the stuff of mine that exists from around that era is stuff I didn't spend ages planning out; I just got on and filmed it. I enjoyed writing and animating, but didn't have the patience to do a whole script, which is hindsight was pretty pathetic of me. Hence something like Space Ninjas, which was a twenty-three page script, never came to be. That one I am particularly sad about letting go. I even had two Batman brickfilms over the years (continuations of Batman Forever, please don't hate me) where I'd managed to shoot about ten to twenty minutes of minutes a piece, but I cancelled those too.

Since getting back into brickfilming, around the beginning of my second year of sixth form, I was still doing short stuff but managed to keep myself interested (I guess I had slowly become a more patient person, maybe that's just a part of growing up), and slowly starting building up the scale of the projects I was working on. Making Ozymandias, a project for sixth form that I had to finish and had to be 3 to 5 minutes, really helped with that. Now that i'm working on this shared Marvel brick-verse it's easier to find the motivation to finish something that's 8 minutes long. I'm able to bounce my ideas around with people, and we show each other footage and scripts and it's like a mini-community in itself now, but the motivational part is that it feels like they're counting on me to finish, in a way. I don't feel pressured to finish, just encouraged, and I think that in itself makes me less likely to cancel. Of coruse, that only relates to my Marvel work.

I do still cancel projects today, just for different reasons. A lot of stuff is lost in the ether: I normally script a brickfilm, collect the voices in waaaay early, and then eventually get to animating it. I have a short called The Genie where I've got both of the voices for that (thank you Pritchard), and then a series of four Middle-earth parodies called Istari Adventures where I have 70% of the lines in (thank you Jay Silver). I don't want to cancel a lot of these as I'm still interested in doing them, but sometimes it's best to know when to put a project aside for a while until the mood hits you again.

But then it's also good to be able to know when you've rushed into something too big, or a script doesn't work, or even just that you don't want to work on something anymore; most people brickfilm as a hobby, and if you're putting in the effort but getting no enjoyment from at all then maybe it's best to reconsider the project.

So in answer to your original question (sorry for the wall of text, I hoped it's been helpful) yes, I've cancelled projects, and there's nothing wrong with doing so as long as you've thought it through and are doing it for the right reasons. The right reasons can be as simple as "I'm not feeling this anymore", but don't cancel it in the heat of the moment and regret it later.
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I canceled my BiM 2012 entry after 1 shot and a goofy little short that I had worked on between other films.

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Yep, this requires a list.

  • A dynamic duo. I had cast Funmi, and some notable others. Cancelled upon realizing that it was unoriginal.

  • A feature-length miniseries, based upon Michael Grant's Gone series. Cancelled due to the fact that I had actually never intended for it to be an adaptation of the series, since I had never heard of it. Some actually thought I was stealing the idea.

  • A 30-minute long epic "Dane Cook Gets" adventure comedy. Cancelled upon realizing that I should just leave the Dane Cook stuff to the pros (i.e. KG and Buxton).

  • An entry into the Kitchen Sink contest held on BiM a few years back. It was about a kid that defeats an underground organization of sorts. Cancelled upon realizing that I wasn't really up to doing something that ambitious.

  • A political satire about the 2012 re-election of Barack Obama, mostly inspired by some LEGO Spongebob video I watched when I was little, that featured Obama. Cancelled when my dad told me I shouldn't be mean to political figures, or something, I don't even remember his legit reasoning.

  • A stop-motion trailer adaptation of Zach Synder's Sucker Punch. Cancelled because I forget why.

  • Another stop-motion trailer adaptation of 2012. Cancelled because Roland Emmerich is an idiot.

  • Yet another trailer for Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2. Cancelled because my stupid ten-year-old self thought that this kid did it better than me. Boy, I liked the weirdest movies back then...

  • Some LEGO Ed, Edd, n Eddy thing that I barely remember any details of. Cancelled because I was nine--this was before I started brickfilming--and I thought it would be too ambitious.

  • A sequel to "Not Welcome", a now-deleted brickfilm from 2011 about a home invasion that goes horribly wrong. Cancelled because I deleted the original.

  • A sequel to "Tintin's Christmas", entitled "Tintin's Thanksgiving". Cancelled because I didn't have enough grey bricks for a set, or something.

  • A THAC 12 entry about how Santa Claus and a giant turkey dude duke it out because they take over each other's holidays. Then Baby New Year comes in during a post-credits scene and things get out of hand from there. Cancelled because I had just gotten my wisdom teeth extracted that weekend, and I was still recovering, and in too much pain to film anything, even though I already had a script written. So, I just ate Jell-O and played Minecraft for the rest of the day.

I don't feel like this next one deserves a bullet. It's kind of something unrelated, since I still kind of want to return to the concept.

Spoiler (click to read)

Obscured Outlooks 2: Disappointing Developments, where a villainous building contractor plans on building a high-rise residential development immediately adjacent to Van's balcony; the smog wouldn't be the problem, but something new would be obscuring his outlooks.

Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. For BRAWL 2013, I had made what unexpectedly became a cult brickfilm of epic proportions, featuring my prepubescent, terrible singing voice. Because, you take Concert Choir in Junior High once, and you automatically assume you're hot stuff. Well, this one was going to be my entry into BRAWL 2014, and even though I had a great script going, I was barebones for a set--my brother had moved all the LEGO in the house to his room to build his own custom LEGO playground. No baseplates for me, except a few small roof pieces from a dilapidated LEGO Star Wars set that he had purchased years ago and never played with. At that point, I was learning more and more about the concept of "sequel syndrome", and didn't want to turn my one gem into something overly silly and contrived. I wasn't feeling the idea of a LEGO musical anymore, and the original was so great, because it really represented the idea of a "surprise success" being created in one day. The whole idea of an original and humorous concept being repeated for a cheap laugh or two--well, I didn't want that for my brickfilms. I'm not Adam Sandler!

Maybe one day, I'll post some unreleased footage or something, but the Dell Vostro 1000 laptop I used to make all my brickilms post-2012 to the present-day is slow and used-up, and I really don't feel like using it anymore. I honestly feel like I'm much more interested in live-action, seeing as I'll be taking some Editing classes in my upcoming last three high school years. I'll be graduating from my Freshmen year in exactly one month, and I honestly think that I'm destined for greater things. I'm not feeling brickfilms anymore, but I do think that it will make an interesting adult hobby, when I have more money and more resources. And maybe, during the summer, I'll make some sort of grand finale, or something. Maybe, I'll dig up an old failed project that is referenced in the aforementioned list, and give it some new light.

Because that's the thing. No brickfilm is ever really cancelled. It's just up in the air, for possible rebirth at a future date. There's always a second chance for everything. It's just your decision. mini/wink

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Re: Have you ever cancelled a project?

How much time do you got? mini/tongue

I probably have the most stories of any brickfilmer on this site. But, in looking at your original statement:

Antonio Ferrara wrote: had wrote a script for, cast all the parts...

I realized that casting is usually my cut-off point. If I've finished a script that I like, I usually try to reserve casting for if I think I'm 100% ready to go ahead with the project. Some of my most recent projects, for example, haven't been officially cast yet. I want to wait until I'm good and ready (or even decide to bail) before I get too far into a brickfilm.

That being said, here are some projects I've started and not completed over the years - for your enjoyment.

Windel Hexington III - The Cloth of Jesus (2009)
     This was to be the cap to the Windel Hexington adventure trilogy that (coincidentally) were my first brickfilms.
     However, I was forced to stop this when my computer crashed, and all footage from the second film was lost...
     Off to a great start, huh?

007 - Live to Tell... (2010)
     This was going to be my first ever attempt at a "feature-length" brickfilm. I was still so inexperienced, though,
     and only really started it because I thought it would make my channel stand out more on youtube. (My account
     was only a few months old at the time) Though I did upload a trailer, I never made the thing.

Johnny Thunder and the Persian Princess (2010)
     This was to be my Magnum Opus in many respects. I'd always been an adventure fan, having grown up watching
     "Romancing the Stone" since before I could even talk. So, it was only destiny that I one day discovered the
     Indiana Jones films, and eventually, Johnny Thunder - the titular LEGO character. I tried really hard on this
     project, but, never was able to accomplish it - you'll see why in a minute.

Johnny Thunder - Discontinued (2010)
     Well, what do you know? - Another Johnny Thunder film? Yes, this was why Persian Princess was never
     completed - I came up with a better idea. This Johnny was to be homeless, and washed up. Living in a world that
     rejected him since he was "discontinued," the story would have bridged the space between our reality and that of
     this fictional LEGO world. I promised this one out by Christmas 2010, but, with scripting issues, limited LEGO
     resources at the time (I didn't even have a Johnny Thunder minifig for pete's sake!) It wasn't finished.

Batman - Triumphant (2011)
     With absolutely no connection to the scrapped sequel to Batman & Robin, my film was to open with Queen's
     "Another One Bites the Dust" as a rich socialite is murdered at a party. Batman, struggling with his almost
     bankrupt Wayne Enterprises, would have been pretty dark, gritty, and lonesome. I was trying things way ahead
     of my mental intelligence. If I would have pulled this thing off, It probably would have been crap, as, It would
     have been a bit more reminiscent of "Spiderman 3" than "The Dark Knight."

Star Trek - Infinite Explorations (2012)
     What started out as a simple birthday surprise to a fellow brickfilmer and good friend - Explorations turned into a
     full blown series. Or, rather, It didn't. It would have followed an original crew, and, would have echoed TNG more
     than TAS.

Johnny Thunder: The Dragon's Eye, Johnny Thunder - Immortalized, Johnny Thunder and the Mysterious Orb
(2012 - 2014)

     Yep, I still just couldn't get enough of Johnny Thunder and the Adventurers. These three projects pretty much
     consumed my life around school during those years. I even had Nathan Wells on board as a voice at one point,
     and had a lot of community reaction to these imaginative and well-thought out films... Until they weren't made.

However, not all failures are a bad thing. Many positives came from these failures. Specifically in the final three - It was on "The Dragon's Eye" when I first though about composing original music. This dream and new-found passion led to me collaborating with Pritchard on his If Rooftops could Talk. It was a hobby (other than brickfilming) that I truly loved. I started composing more, and even now, have about 4 or 5 open projects I'm currently composer for!

What didn't work for me in the ways of IP-based brickfilms and Johnny Thunder adventures did cultivate in a new found hobby and a passion to move forward with my brickfilms. Recently, I've parted ways with the LEGO Adventurers and have turned my focus to Sliders, and a new secret original project. I hope to make something of them in what I couldn't with Star Trek, or James Bond...

Long story short - Take pride in your failures. Every experience has something for you to learn from - so, use it to your advantage.

Re: Have you ever cancelled a project?

Dyland wrote:

Johnny Thunder and the Persian Princess (2010)
Johnny Thunder - Discontinued (2010)
Johnny Thunder: The Dragon's Eye, Johnny Thunder - Immortalized, Johnny Thunder and the Mysterious Orb
(2012 - 2014)

It's so nice to see that Johnny Thunder's had such an impact on so many brickfilmers. This isn't news to me, but it's always nice when you have that moment where you suddenly recognise that someone (or more than one person) has a strong connection to the same thing.

I had a Johnny Thunder adventure in the works at one stage. Weirdly it was before Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came out, but was also the story of Johnny coming out of retirement to help a new generation of adventurers. I seem to remember that they were searching for the lost realm of Lemuria, though I would need to check my old box of paper scripts (before I started typing everything, wow those were the days) which is a good six hour drive away mini/sad

There was a Jing Lee short I scripted last year. I wouldn't call it cancelled, just on hold. I agree with Mickey's sentiment of no brickfilm ever being truly cancelled - you can always resurrect an idea in some way.
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Re: Have you ever cancelled a project?

Well, you can easily guess I've cancelled many brickfilms; I haven't uploaded much inside my five years of being a 'brickfilmer'

Lets kick this off with contests; both my entries to BRAWL 2013 and 2014 had the script written, some voices done, and test animation. The cancelling of the 2013 entry was due to me just losing inspiration altogether, having just gave up after doing test animation. For the 2014 entry, well, a complete storm of work came in, reducing my free time after work for my various other activities, let alone brickfilming. So thats my reasoning for those failed entrees.

The only two (it was three, but...) other main projects that I cancelled was my Halo project and my action-thriller animation.

My Halo project was, a complete disaster. I was quite poor doing animation, and I knew that, and so when I saw the eight minutes of crappy, eye-melting animation I did, I just dropped the lid on that project. Case closed.

My action-thriller didn't even get much of a foot off the ground; I hadn't finished the story, and reading through what was done, the amount of story ploy holes was horrendous. So I canned that. The script for it was in development last year, around March, and when I told a friend of mine about it, showing him what the script was like, he thought it was good, so I let him have it; to fix up and use it. Just last month, he informed me that he has begun set design for it. Reading through his fixed version of the original, he did an amazing job! I can't wait until it goes into production!

Now, aside from all those short projects I scrapped, I have begun reviving a project I started over a year ago; a Star Wars project. My reasoning for this was because the story felt too much like the comics I read years ago, and it felt like I was copying them. However, whenever the Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer #2 was shown near three weeks ago, I got the sudden urge to revive the project, using the existing characters, but with a completely different story.

So there you have it. In terms of any of my brickfilm projects I completed, well there was none, so lets hope for a change then!

Re: Have you ever cancelled a project?

I have an "Abandoned Projects" folder that contains 28 projects in various stages of incompletion. Most of these were very rough ideas that didn't go past the "Wouldn't it be cool if...?" stage.

However, here is one that stands out:

Alex and Derrick Behind Bars
Set after Spoilerz!, this multi-part series was going to follow the fallout of Derrick blasting away the apartment ceiling with a giant gun in Material Possessions. A neighbor of theirs dies and Alex and Derrick are held responsible. The crime scene team from Beast were also going to star, and ultimately Alex and Derrick would be broken out of jail by Alice. The series would have continued my parodying of cop shows like CSI, Law and Order, 24, Judge Judy and Cops. Highlights included timely references to "Head-On - apply directly to forehead!" and Team America: World Police.

In the climax, everyone escapes in an elaborate car chase through a junkyard, which I would ultimately repurpose for Driven.  The final script was 19 pages long. Very quickly I realized I was way over my head, and it didn't progress beyond a script. Reading back over the script now, I'm absolutely glad I didn't continue. Even if it hadn't ended in failure, it would have put Alex and Derrick on a different, more fantastical and slapstick path, instead of the generally realistic slice-of-live series they have become now.

And of course, there's always Dear Cousin... which is totally not dead <_<

Re: Have you ever cancelled a project?

jampot wrote:

It's so nice to see that Johnny Thunder's had such an impact on so many brickfilmers. This isn't news to me, but it's always nice when you have that moment where you suddenly recognise that someone (or more than one person) has a strong connection to the same thing.

That's the same sort of feeling I had when I discovered Bricks in Motion in the summer of 2010. mini/smile And, in one way or another, that's cultivated in my discovering (or, rather, rediscovering) of Johnny Thunder as well! Perhaps after my secret project, I'll take another look at Johnny Thunder.

Nathan Wells wrote:

I have an "Abandoned Projects" folder that contains 28 projects in various stages of incompletion.

Does it contain Beast: The Director's Cut? mini/tongue

Spoiler (click to read)

I'm not still waiting on that one... maybe.

I actually think that having such a folder is a good idea. I'd suggest you take one up, Antonio. I know I will.

Ok, maybe I won't title it "Abandoned Projects," but, having a folder of past and incomplete ideas would perfectly collect the mess of projects I've started over the years into one simple folder. And, hey, who knows - I might decide to do just what Mickey said:

Mickey wrote:

No brickfilm is ever really cancelled. It's just up in the air, for possible rebirth at a future date.

Re: Have you ever cancelled a project?

This is a nice idea for a thread. It's quite interesting to read about other people's cancelled projects. I'll try to recall mine, keeping it to ones that got past the idea stage:

Benny n' Lee: The Obligatory Christmas Special (2007)
This was entirely different to the Benny n' Lee Christmas Special released in 2008. I really should have brought back that title as it's pretty funny. I don't remember much of the plot (if there was one - not likely), but I got the beginnings of two scenes shot. In the first one, Lee goes to the computer to order Christmas presents but keeps ending up on dodgy sites, and in the second, Benny is drinking in a pub, and the barman was going to call Lee to have him bring Benny home. These scenes featured liberal use of Trans-Siberian Orchestra music, heavily inspired by the Alex and Derrick Christmas film.

World Destruction (2008)
This was a planned co-production between me and some brickfilmers who would be known as Ogel Productions and Brain Wave on BiM, and we were later joined by Filip. There was absolutely no planning behind it as we just wanted to make a co-production for the sake of it, so all that was made was one or two random clips of destruction (not including much destruction). I did however make and upload a stand-alone trailer for this film, which was seen by Filip and he asked if he could join the project. This was the first contact I had with Filip.

Filip and Seán Do Stuff (Working Title) (2008)
Another co-production for the sake of it! This one actually had some semblance of plot, and I still have an unfinished script. It was a shameless rip-off of Da Europeans, but I guess it was also kind of self-aware. The plot would be that Filip would be on the run from BertL after making a rip-off of Onorno, and I would have to help him. The intentionally bad Onorno rip-off was actually uploaded to YouTube so it could be screen-capped and used in the film. If I remember correctly, Filip showed it to BertL, who apparently declared it better than the original (he's wrong). I think Bert had agreed to voice act in this strange project and I actually had built a recreation of his house as seen in Da Europeans. Filip and I would collaborate on Filip's THAC Idea series, and the house in that was basically a clone of Rolz's house from Da Europeans.

Untitled THAC 5A Film (2008)
This attempted entry to THAC 5A had dreadful animation, and the joke was bad, too. Voice acting was provided by Filip and VN. It was not finished because during the filming, my computer completely died. I had to access the internet on a PS3 for a while afterwards. I reused the set (which was mostly copied from a set in one of Filip's films) in a film called The Insane Alleyway (which also isn't good).

Live For a Death (2008)
An intended reboot of a film I made in 2007 with the same name. It was a spy film and was meant to be the first part of a series. I filmed some intro shots of the spy infiltrating a building, and one of these can be seen on the TV towards the end of the Benny n' Lee film, Satellite TV.

Untitled Batman film (2008-2009)
After getting a bunch of Batman LEGO at Christmas, I began making a Batman film (booo). This was one of the very few films that I actually wrote a script for. I wanted to do something different to the other Batman films at the time, and it was also going to poke fun at ForrestFire (this was when his films were pretty poor). This never got made because IP films are boring. The house Batman and Robin were going to live in was reused as the house of the guy with no arms in Benny's Jobs, and a custom Batmobile was used in the last shot of Benny's Car.

Benny n' Lee in: Benny Dies (2010)
A Benny n' Lee planned for April Fool's Day, so Benny wasn't actually going to die. The first scene was finished and uploaded, and it has some gags that I still really like. The fake cheese shortage would have been revealed as an April Fool's joke by the news man. At the costume contest, Lee was going to be dressed as Professor Monkey-For-a-Head from Earthworm Jim and Benny would have a terrible Spongebob costume. As far as I remember, Benny was going to inexplicably win the costume contest and the Skelly would steal Benny's cheque to go buy fake cheese. Outside, he would pass out from lack of fake cheese in his system and would be found with Benny's name on the cheque, leading people to think that Benny had died. Some other scenes weren't turning out well and we didn't know what should happen in the costume party and after the Skelly is found. With the April 1st deadline fast approaching, this film was given up on.

Well, that turned into a wall. Hopefully somebody finds some of it interesting.

Re: Have you ever cancelled a project?

Since creating my YouTube channel, there are no films that I started making which I have not completed (other than the films that I'm still in the process of making).

In my younger days as an animator, I did start some projects that I didn't finish, but these were small things, and not really proper films.  That has not happened since before Bohrok Attack, which is probably the first proper film ANP really made.

I do have several cancelled scripts, but none of these ever entered production phase, so I didn't really even start making it yet.  There was a script, however, from last BRAWL, where I actually got some voice acting for it from Aquamorph.  It was my plan to create three films that BRAWL, but I could only put out two.  Which is a little disappointing, since I really liked the lines Aq sent me, and I thought that it was pretty funny.  Due to the nature of the film though, it could have never been made for anything other than that BRAWL.

I Am The Night technically is not cancelled, as the film is still going to be released, just I am shortening it greatly.  I realized it was too ambitious and I would have to put several more years into it, which I didn't want to do.  Luckily, though, the introductory part of the film actually would work well enough as it's own short, thus I'm going to release it as that once I finally get on to filming five relatively simple shots I have left and edit it.

Re: Have you ever cancelled a project?

Pebble (2005) YouTube Link
This was going to be a spoof short film of "Kung Fu" the the tv series. The Student, starting from a very young age, tries to snatch the pebble from the Teacher's hand. But each time, the Teacher has some sort of lame/humorous excuse as to why the Student failed. This would have been the first time that I was going to use 'special effects' in a film. In photoshop, I digitally created candle flames for each frame of the film. ("Pebble" was about 2 to 3 minutes long.)
Why didn't this film get made? So, in late 2004/early 2005, my old PC crashed. I lost everything. At the time, it would have cost over $1,000 to take it to a shop, recover all of the data from the computer and fix it. I could not justify the cost of doing this vs. taking the money and putting it toward a new computer. This clip is all that is left. The only reason why this lone clip survived is because it was on my website/host account as a 'sneak preview.'

Origin of the Artichoke (2004?/2005?)
One of several cancelled film projects during this time period.
It was supposed to be a very loose history about two Italian guys named Mario and Artie who go looking in a field for a new topping for their pizzas. (Both of them had really terrible Italian accents.) They go looking for a new topping to discover, then Mario finds this 'plant thing.' Artie tries to taste it....chokes on it. Artie dies at the end of the film by choking.
Mario then names the plant "The Artichoke" in memory of his friend Artie.
Script was written, set was built, etc. But while living in Italy at the time of creation, I discovered through local culture that Italians dislike how they are portrayed in typical fashion in various films & television. I had a sinking feeling that this film would not go over very well and might not be perceived as humorous. So I scrapped the film.

Untitled THAC Film (2006?/2007?)
Dunno which THAC it was, but I had a rough script written and a partial set built.
Then my better half had a work-related emergency, so I had to drop everything.
If I find the script to this, I'll share it here.

Project Heart/Listen to Your Heart (????) (working title)
This was going to be a 30 minute to an hour long brickfilm that I've been working on off an on for several years.
It was going to be a romantic feature length brickfilm about how the captain of the football team risks everything for the girl of his dreams that happens to be the biggest nerd/geek.
I had to totally scrap this film due to the fact that there are too many similarities between my script and this film.
*sigh* Sometimes I think that Hollywood has my house bugged.

"Tell stories that matter to you, not stories that'll sell." - Stephen Tobolowsky


Re: Have you ever cancelled a project?

Like everybody else, I've got several projects that have been cancelled. Although, there are a few, which I won't list here, that I consider to be good enough/salvageable enough to finish later, so those are more on hiatus than cancelled, I guess.

The Tree, The Hobo, and The Other Stuff
A pseudo sequel to my 2012 Christmas film, Puddin Cup Christmas. I wanted to have some cool cameos and have it take this cool sci-fi turn, but I realized I started the film to late to get out on Christmas, along with me gradually not liking the script, so I didn't finish it.

Zoo Capers
In this film, my sigfig and his friend Dave decide to break into a zoo to celebrate getting 100 subscribers on the Sonjira Central channel. Hilarity ensues, trust me. I may do something similar if I hit another significant-ish milestone.

The Bakery Incident
This was to be my entry to BRAWL 2013, before I swapped out midweek to what became The Beast and the Farmer. In it, strange things would occur at a bakery. Comedy gold, guys.

Doctor WHAT and the Intergalactic Turkey Chef
Simultaneously a Thanksgiving Brickfilm and a celebration of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, we see the Doc and his companions go to an intergalactic turkey chef in the pursuit of the perfect avian specimen. But in doing so, they become tangled in a game of death. Like the Christmas film I mentioned above, I started the film to late, and I lost interest in the script.

I also started and stopped working on a new BIRDFaCE many times through the years.
Youtube @TheRealSonjira I consider it a personal defeat if my pee is not perfectly clear every time.]

Re: Have you ever cancelled a project?

Only every single one of my projects...

uh oh!

Re: Have you ever cancelled a project?

This is an interesting and fun thread!  While reading these posts, I think, "Aw, gee.  It's a shame that one was cancelled.  It sounds like it would make a good cartoon!"  ORIGIN OF THE ARTICHOKE and many by Mickey just to name a few.

I did have an idea for a Holding Our Own episode where Angela and Brent get a GE refrigerator and it causes trouble.  The story is topical and based on real events from 2009: In a Quid pro Quo with the Federal government, GE was given exclusive rights to have its kitchen appliances be the replacements in the appliance version of "Cash for Klunkers".  This prevented the consumer from being able to choose the brand they wanted. 

In the story, the Schneider refrigerator goes on the blink and they exchange it for the GE model and it causes problems (which was also a 2009 trend.)  Well, HOO likes to satirize public figures and TV shows and such, but I felt it would be weird to single out a company as the main plot, even if was happening on a mass scale in real life.  So it never got past the outline stage.  Besides, I couldn't come up with a suitable bad pun with the word "Refrigerator" at the time  (HOO episodes have tortured puns for titles).  I have since then, including "refriger-hater".

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Re: Have you ever cancelled a project?

I wrote and started filming a Blacktron story somewhere around 2005. Got most of the way through it but wasn't happy with the ending. Five years later, I came back to it. Wrote a new wraparound bit to make the ending better. Got Keshen and a couple other people to do some new voices. The original footage was all shot on an old SD webcam so I reshot it all in HD, this time using blank heads so I could do digital faces. Got most of the way through and gave up again. I'm probably due to have another crack at it this year. Maybe I should reshoot it in CG and give up when it's 90% rendered.

I also spent three weeks making a music video for another Fight Like Apes track (with the band's blessing this time) but couldn't get the story to work and canned it.

There's also the matter of the scripts for parts 2 and 3 of Out of Time and the five Doctor Who scripts I've been sitting on for over ten years.

Re: Have you ever cancelled a project?

There 3 projects I had high hopes for and wrote scripts for 2 of them and an outline for one.
Tripp Connor's & The Dragons Eye.
The script was completed and voices were cast for the third installment in this film series.
Finished filming one scene and almost completed a second scene. But for some reason I was not happy with the look of the film and put it hold. Then purchased my Canon and did some shots with it and realized how much different the shots looked and decided to scrap what I had filmed and start again. Have not touched it since.
The Marianna
Mission control had lost contact with the Marianna. A two man crew is sent out to the vessel to find out what has happened.
They don't realize the horror they are walking into to. '
The script for this film was written and the vessel was built as well with a good part of the films voice parts cast.
What i still think is a great idea that has not been done yet will stay that way because this is a big film to do with the script being 25 pages long. I had actually approached Cooked Cat about doing the music for this film. To this day he is the only one who ever read this script.

This is one of those projects you go back and forth to. You love the concept and really want to do it, but for some reason you just can't commit the time a project like this needs. An outline was written along with character outlines but that is about it.
The story is about a Dr. Walter Blackwell a renowned scientist who realizes after his wife dies that even with all the accolades he has achieved in life and for the man everyone thought had everything, really has nothing. And most important he has no one to carry on his legacy. Armed with a new purpose now Dr. Blackwell decides he will build a legacy for himself.

Re: Have you ever cancelled a project?

Antonio, My scripts are about 28 pages each.  I think you, and most everyone else, since most are more skilled than I am, that you can tackle a 25-page script if you break up your mission into smaller goals and meet them one at a time!  I'd love to see the premise of The Mariaana (and more sci-fi) animated.

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