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Everyday the same. What a boring life, isn't it?

This brickfilm was made originally for the THAC XII, but because of problems with Adobe Premiere, we couldn't finish it in time.

But now we finished and released it.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Wow, that's kind of dark at the end. But the rest of the video was good. The opera music really worked well there. I like the extremely shallow depth of field neat the ending. The animation and lighting was top quality too.

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Re: 365

Would have undoubtedly been my favorite had it been made in time for THAC. You found a way to creatively interpret the theme, and the delivery with the repeated footage gave it a nice and unique style. I admire your balls with this one. I don't see many brickfilmers going as all out as you guys did with this one.

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