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"AX 3: The Surviver"


Made in under twenty-four hours for THAC XII.

The only man to survive an attack from the ax-welding maniac now struggles to even walk.

An interesting little thing, there was so much more I wanted to do and establish in this, but time and tide wait for no man.
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Yet another part in the thrilling "AX" series. What's strange is that you picked me as a voice actor instead of someone more talented. mini/tongue

I really liked this one (not because I was in it either mini/lol), as I have liked all of your "AX" films. They have depth to them, and a more complicated storyline that most brickfilms do. Like I commented on YouTube, the animation is great, I love the falling animation. I also want to compliment Jay Silver on his terrific voice acting. It sounds so natural. I'm afraid mine sounded a bit too calm at times for a guy who's in the hospital in pain.

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A delightful addition to the Ax series. I'm not really sure what to comment on here - as usual the animation was smooth, the lighting was pleasing, and the story was great.

rioforce, I thought you did a wonderful job voicing the patient, it was a perfect fit. That goes for Jay Silver as the doctor (heh), too, this entry has some of the best fits for actors of the THAC films. mini/wink

You're completely right, I didn't understand the ending, so I'm patiently awaiting next year for the next chapter.

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I'm not sure why, but this was probably my favorite one of your Ax films. It's really well told (although I'm not sure I understood the middle section with the spinning), with good animation, and the concept of the film was really interesting. Part of the reason I think I liked this was because of the fact that it felt like it took place in a larger world without overdoing it.

Spoiler (click to read)

and the ending didn't really feel like a sequel hook even though it was one.

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The set design of the lobby is really nice.  It's got that cool tile thing on the wall, and I was already super impressed by that, BUT THEN I SAW THAT DESK.
It's good, man, really good.

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Very nice sets and animation, the lighting was also on point. Still, I feel like this could have fit much better as its own film rather than being somewhat arbitrarily tied to Ax. This latest iteration feels like a complete tonal shift from the dark comedy of the other installments to what is now a serious thriller and the ax comes from aliens.

It just feels a bit odd, especially considering this didn't really have much to do with the Ax at all and could have easily been a separate story, but oh well. Still, on a technical level it is very very good.
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Re: [THAC XII] "AX 3: The Surviver"

@rioforce, As I said on Youtube, I love expanding the cast. It helps the universe feel more populated and big.
You did a great job voice acting, and I'd be more than happy to use you again. And thanks for the compliments!

@Mighty, Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

@Willco66, He was trying to walk, but was too weak. His head began spinning and he fainted. And I'm glad you feel that way, because I felt like the outside elements were shoehorned in. Thanks for the reassurance.

@Squid, Thanks! And coming form one of the greatest builders I know, that's quite a complement.

@Jstudios, I agree.
Really, I do. While I enjoy universe building and didn't want to let a THAC get by without adding one to the series, this particular story had no need of being linked. It felt a bit forced, but it's there, and may feel more natural once the questions posed by the stinger get answered.

And yes, of the three, only Rooftops began a drama. Captain Obvious began a silly comedy, and Ax a dark comedy. (Although I'd say Ax left the dark comedy after the first one.) Writing good drama is a lot easier, so I've felt myself sliding into that with all three series. I won't say it's a bad thing, and it allows crossovers, but you're right it hasn't maintained the original tone.
Perhaps next time...

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Why wouldn't he go to a real hospital?

A Life? Cool! Where can I download one of those from?

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I love your Ax series, and this entry does not disappoint. Animation was great as always, and the acting was on point. Love it.

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The sets are beautiful, and the animation is smooth as usual. Awesome job, Pritch!

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