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Jesus You're My Superhero


I made this video for the children's ministry at my church.Feel free to use this video in your church or whatever.Music rights go to Hillsong Kids.

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Haha, that's funny. I'd never heard that song before. I can see why kids would love it though, it really catchy. It's now stuck in my head mini/tongue

I like the way you did the sun and moon and stars, that was really creative. I kind of went "huh" when I saw Barbie in there, because I had no idea Barbie was supposed to be super, lol.

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Super cool video!  I love when people use slopes to represent speed (like the flash)  Good song & video!

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Yay Jesus! Great film by the way. I loved all the minifigures in it and the animation was good quality.:)

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Keep this up! mini/bigsmile

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The animation was really go! The only thing I'd suggest is that next time you make more props for your background instead of just a plane blue sheet. Other than that, great video! Keep it up. mini/smile