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The Crucible - trailer


This is a standalone trailer (meaning that no film will follow) for "The Crucible", Arthur Miller's classic play about the Salem Witch trials. I created it for an English assignment.

Everything was quite rushed on this, but I am very pleased with the result on the whole.

EDIT: This is a re-release, by the way. It is connected to our still-in-development directory.

Re: The Crucible - trailer

Wow, I can not believe that I didn't think much of this trailer previously, I must have not been paying close attention ... Nikolas obviously put a great deal of effort into this film, it has solid animation, sets, voice acting, and cinematography all the way through. The Crucible is a MUST SEE.

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Re: The Crucible - trailer

Some really fantastic work here. Although technically it is impressive, I especially love the content that you chose to hint at the story of the play. Your voice actors certainly managed to pull this together into something believable.

- Leo