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The Crucible - trailer

Directed By: Nikolas Jaeger

Genre: Drama, History
Length: 02:27
Released: December 10th, 2007

Director's Comments

This is a standalone trailer (meaning that no film will follow) for "The Crucible", Arthur Miller's classic play about the Salem Witch trials. I created it for an English assignment.

Everything was quite rushed on this, but I am very pleased with the result on the whole.

Staff Review

Jay Harris:
Night Owl's The Crucible trailer is a brickfilm you certainly must see. Trailers often tend to leave us with either too much or too little information, but the pacing and content used to grip the viewer here is phenomenal. The sets and lighting work flawlessly to create the mood of the trailer, using a number of techniques that I have never seen in a brickfilm before. The voice acting pulls the story together, with each actor doing an amazing job of making the character believable and real. Very rarely does a brickfilm make me forget that the characters are simply plastic toys. The Crucible will definitely leave you wanting more.

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