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Lost At Sea


Just another brickfilm I released in July but didn't post here because of directory issues!

Re: Lost At Sea

That was hilarious. The voice acting, lighting, animation were very well done. Nice job, Walter.

Have you seen a big-chinned boy?

Re: Lost At Sea

I liked it very much. The body of your recent work reveals a very distinct style that is pleasing and enjoyable.

In this particular film, I especially liked the final set and the animation of the water. It was a fun payoff to the lead up. I do think you could have eliminated 12 - 15 seconds of the lead up for a tighter overall presentation without diminishing the payoff; self-editing is always a challenge.

Looking forward to more. Thanks for posting this film.

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Re: Lost At Sea

I quite like the look of this film. Nice, bright colors and colorful sets. I predicted the punchline, but I still enjoyed the outcome.

I am not a fan of the goofy voices, though. I understand it's a popular trend among current brickfilms, but it doesn't appeal to me. I'd prefer to watch brickflms where every character didn't sound like a Spongebob character.

Re: Lost At Sea

Nice, bright and cheerful. I liked the relationship between the captain and the first mate I think there could be more material in them if you fleshed them out. I'd watch more films with them.