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[THAC 11] Magnus Lapsus


A minifigure must travel back in time to prevent the uprise of an evil dictator.
This film was made in under 24 hours (actually around 9 hours) for THAC 11. It turned out alright, and I definitely don't expect to do well in the contest, but I'm glad that I got to finish my third THAC.

"Magnus Lapsus" - Latin for Great Mistake.

--Mighty Wanderer

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Re: [THAC 11] Magnus Lapsus

Not a bad entry, actually. But, I do think the Incompetech music kinda killed it. And I don't see how the ending would be confusing to some, as you stated in the chatroom.

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Re: [THAC 11] Magnus Lapsus

Nice man! I feel like you've really improved this year at animating (But haven't we all?)

Interestingly enough I don't think you were the only one who used time travel in his entry, but this has to be my favorite one involving it! mini/smile

Re: [THAC 11] Magnus Lapsus

The animation is good, quite good, I like the living room set, the voice acting was good
but the punchline is easily predictable and simple.

Also, I wasn't sure what tone you were going for. The opening shot's lighting and bright walls didn't give a sense of utter doom, and the music throughout didn't help. The ending shows why you picked it, but something darker upfront would have helped sell the big reveal by getting people into the mindset that you wanted them in.

I don't recommend using the exposed studs on the one wall, it gives a bad sense of unfinishedness, and would have looked a lot better covered in tiles or something. Now if all the walls in that room were built that way it would have been fine, but when just one wall is like that...Not so much.

To make it less predicable, I would have had one of two things:

Spoiler (click to read)

#1, The traveler gives it to the guy on purpose, and is revealed to be a traitor.
#2, The kid kills Magnus, but gets addicted to the power and becomes even worse.

Still, you did a great job for a nine hour film.
I just wish you had used all your time and made something a bit more ambitious. mini/wink

Re: [THAC 11] Magnus Lapsus

Looking back, your animation has improved a lot pretty quickly. The story is simple, but I think it's pretty good for how late you came up with the idea. The overall technical execution is pretty good for how little time you ended up with to make this, nice job. I'm glad I was able to help. mini/smile

Re: [THAC 11] Magnus Lapsus

Thanks a lot. I really don't feel that this turned out very well, especially since I didn't really start on it until really late in the competition and subsequently spent about 9-10 hours on it.

Mickey - Yeah, had this not been a THAC film I might have looked elsewhere for music. And about the ending, I believe I might have been talking about something else. Either a different idea of mine or an idea of someone else's.

Walter - Thanks! Yes, I do believe we have. It was actually pretty funny, a good friend of mine decided to make a film, and we didn't really have a whole lot of contact during the competition besides, "How is your film coming along?" "Pretty good, yours?" But both of our entries featured time travel, and had pretty similar stories and even characters. (You can watch my friend's entry here)

Pritchard - Thank you for the detailed feedback. Yes, it was a pretty predictable plot, and I would have done more had I spent more time on it. And I'll try to keep in mind that I shouldn't expose studs. I was actually thinking of putting tiles over it, but couldn't find enough, and I really needed to start filming by that time. mini/tongue  Maybe I'll elaborate on the story a bit more in a future film, or even just remake it.

Thanks for the feedback, guys, I'm going to try to make a better film this year with a developed plot and covered-up studs. mini/bigsmile