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Some of you may remember me from I was the Janitor. I haven't been around for a while, but I've been busy. I present - Antonio's revenge.

vimeo - antonio's revenge
youtube - antonio's revenge

Here's a little history (copy/pasted from the vimeo description, so don't be insulted by the presumed lack of previous brickfilming knowledge).

Nearly ten years ago, when my cousin Tony and I were about eleven or twelve years old (and still at an appropriate age to be playing with toy bricks), the LEGO Studios camera and software were released, making it possible for any kid with a box of lego's and a free Saturday afternoon to direct and animate his very own stop-motion film.

This was perhaps the best day of our lives.

We quickly got to work on our first project, Antonio's Revenge, which was, for the most part, an excuse to shoot a fight scene in a bar. The plot was porous, the characters dull and the dialogue unbearable. The animation itself was really something as well - if I remember correctly, it was effectively done at about two frames per second.

(brickfilms-community-relevant side note: immediately after finishing the film, we sent it off to our other cousin and sometimes partner in crime Josh. He was inspired - probably more by the possibilities of the medium than by the quality of the film, but still. He went about making his own movies and searching the internet for others who might be doing the same thing. He encountered Jason Rowoldt's little site - - and, of course, the rest is history.)

Unfortunately, that film has long since found its way to Windows 95 heaven. But about a year and a half ago, Tony and I (now in our early 20's) decided that the film deserved to be resurrected. We cooked up a script in about an hour based on our memory of the original, recorded the voices, and began animating.

We wanted to retain the spirit of the original, but update the technical and artistic aspects a bit. So, instead of a few hours of work, the new version took almost 2 years (on and off - naturally, we're a bit busier now).

What you see before you, then, is a re-imagination of the original Antonio's Revenge. We wish we could show you both, but alas, some things are not meant to be. Enjoy.

For those interested in such things:
camera: qcp 4000
software: stop motion animator and vegas 4.0 for video, reason 2.5 for music.

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JANITOR?! ANTONIO's revenge?! My Janitor's name is Antonio mini/lol Anyway, good little film, I liked it mini/bigsmile

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The Janitor has returned!  When I saw the name was registered it crossed my mind but I didn't make the connection between this and a cryptic statement by your cousin on another messageboard.  (I am "Smeagol Studios" from back in the day)

Regarding the film: that was quite enjoyable, there were a lot of technical maneuvers and ideas in the animation that I had not seen before and really enjoyed (particularly the running shots with the gun; very effective despite the obvious manipulation of moving the set)  Camera animation throughout was nicely done, you really one-upped the Diplomacy films, at least to my recollection.  I loved the atmosphere of the opening scene, to be honest I thought that it was just that one scene (before reading it took you two years to make) until the title came up after it.  The music was quite effective as well, IMO the abrupt transitions from the theme to the bar music were a bit jarring but the music itself, particularly the theme during the credits, had a great sound to it.

A nice surprise, thanks for sharing.


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amazing mini/bigsmile

The first scene is really good man, it's something I haven't seen much in brickfilms mini/bigsmile

when the scene was over I thought the movie was over and I check the time and I was like: wow another 6 min.
I was really impressed by it, it's a brickfilm that could have come out on the site.

I just loved the run shooting thing the bar. a technice I would consider using.

Can this make  BAFA next year ?

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Re: Antonio's Revenge

Just fantastic. The cinematography here had me sold.

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I loved the way you made this film have a good amount of action and mistery. I personaly think you shouldent have made everyone in the bar die except the hero and villan, but I love the gun battle and when he throws the glass. This is well done and is a nice film to start the day with.

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Wow! That was great.
"...if I don't see you again..I....I love you" "What are you.." *click* mini/lol

The guy who said "Do you know where your wife is?" reminded me of Cleveland of Family Guy, only his laugh was missing lol.

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I think that this film will go down as a masterpiece,along with the magic portal and Robota.
I loved the bar fight and the animation and image quality was superb.I also found the use of red claw as a gunshot quite good.The voice acting was excellent,and the music very fitting.



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Brilliant. Outstanding work mr janitor. Loved the bar fight.
Jordan mini/smile

I've got nothing.

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That...was...AMAZING! mini/eek

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Excellent. The first scene was amazing. I also was impressed by the running/shooting. Am I correct in thinking you moved the walls instead of the figure? Very good. Cinematography was great too, you really made a tense atmosphere when you wanted to. Awesome!

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INCREDIBLE!!!!! I really looved the mood you set in it with the lighting and the music. incredible, just incredible. the movie rendered me speechless.

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Very nice job. The way you controlled the mood of the film at all times was excellent. You probably could have explained a bit more (such as why the man kidnapped the lady's husband and killed Antonio's wife), but it was still very enjoyable.

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A really nice, well-paced film. The only aspect that I believe let the film down in some way, was the villian. I'm not quite sure why, but he just seemed too cliche, if you know what I mean, but apart from that it was an enjoyable film, and I hope you enjoyed re-living the past!


Re: Antonio's Revenge

Thanks for all the feedback y'all!

You are correct about the running while shooting bits. The background is moving while the camera and fig stay put. For the villain's shot, only the wall is moving. But for Antonio's, the wall, shelves, and bar are all moving (at three different rates), which I think made for a really cool cartoon-y effect. I'm glad you all liked it.

Smeagol, I agree with you about the abrupt transition. A couple of establishing shots might have been the best solution.

As for the plot issues, well, it wouldn't be Antonio's Revenge without them.

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I totaly agree with the opinions that have been posted here. I think that you created a really great film... I really loved the first scene. That was on a very high technical level. The music fit very well, too.
Overall a very enjoyable film. Good work!

- JD
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Re: Antonio's Revenge

A very nice film, very nice indeed mini/bigsmile


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Re: Antonio's Revenge

I liked the camera angles. Especially the one where the woman walks in crying! Great film.

Re: Antonio's Revenge

I liked the goofiness of the scene in his office. His wife's gravestone was also quite funny mini/lol Well done.

Re: Antonio's Revenge

Nice one. Some nice animation throughout. Some of the pacing was a bit slow, could have been tightened up in editing.
I liked the death animation and the way he closed the bar door. But I didn't watch the 1:30 of credits.


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