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EDIT: I did some further scouring of the Bricks forum and realized there is a thread devoted to Organization and Sorting. So I will say this... the other thread that is out there is not very efficient. While there were some meaningful posts, there were plenty of one sentence posts like I am discouraging here. I'll leave it up to the moderators as to whether or not this thread should be kept and used instead or if they want to close it. I will say that I think a better and more organized thread with a clearer purpose would be good. Thanks.


Greetings everyone! I'm currently doing research into storage/organization ideas and options for my LEGO collection. I'm looking at purchasing some shelves, bins, etc. soon and I thought I would post a thread asking how all of you sort your LEGOs (or if you don't sort them at all). My current method isn't very good and I just recently acquired a ton of new  bricks. I'd be very grateful for any advice or tips from the community, plus this may serve as a common location to discuss organization and sorting. I did a search and I couldn't find any topics like this one yet, my apologies if there already is one.

Here are some guidelines and ideas to get you started sharing your techniques: (Read these before you post please)

  • Post pictures! - If possible, include photos to help illustrate what you are doing.

  • Link to Equipment - If you have bins, organizers, trays, or stuff of that nature, try to share where you purchased it or at least name the product for those who may be interested in buying.

  • Ask and Share Advice - Need something specific? Ask away and share with others.

  • Avoid Generic Statements - Please refrain from simply posting things like, "Yes, I sort." or "I use bins". Provide specific information so that your posts will be meaningful to others. Ask yourself, would this post be useful to someone else?

  • Explain Your Sorting Methods - For example, do you sort by color? Brick type? How specific are you in your sorting?

For those interested in how I am currently sorting and organizing, check out an earlier post I made on my blog by clicking here.


Evil Mad Scientists Laboratories - How to organize your Lego bricks for efficient building
The Brother's Brick - Sorting, organizing, and storing your LEGO – the second hobby [Essay]
16 LEGO Storage Options
26 Ideas For Lego Storage Containers

Storage Bins, Shelves, Boxes, etc:
Akro-Mils 64 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Cabinet
Sterilite 3 Drawer Medium Cart (shared by 0DonkeyKong)
Box4Blox LEGO Sorter

Tips & Tricks:

  • "It's best to store bricks in flat containers, and never use tall ones like brick buckets. With flat containers, you can easily scoop through the bricks easily, with tall containers, it's difficult to find bricks at the bottom." - AnnoyingNoisesProductions

  • Keep most frequently used bricks and pieces (such as gray building bricks) separate so you can get to them easily.

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Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

Perhaps I'll take some pictures, but right now I think some text will suffice.

I sorted my LEGO back in 2010, it took a month, as my LEGO collection is huge, I've been getting them since 1997, and my older brother had been getting them since before that, plus my younger brothers have added, so it's really, really big.

I've done some more sorting since then to refine the categories, but these are what I have now:

minifigure parts
basic bricks
special bricks
small plates
large plates
special plates
basic slopes
extra huge bricks
dark grey

All of these, excluding the last three, are based on shape. I find this best since if you sort by colour it may be harder to distinguish the shape with everything being the same shade.

I've made an exception for the last three, since I use dark grey basic bricks, plates, and slopes very commonly it's more convenient. Having transparent bricks together is great for scifi stuff, and green and brown pieces are really great for set decoration.

I find sorting very useful. Do it now before your LEGO collection grows any more.
You can build things faster than before, plus you'll have a more accurate idea of how many pieces you have of each shape.

Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

I sort my legos by color.  I also have 1 set of minifigures and animals.  I use the storage bins like this … /19766090.  The site has them for $23 dollars but I think I only paid around $11 for them.  They come in sets of three and can be combined with other sets to save floor room.

Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

I forgot to mention something:

It's best to store bricks in flat containers, and never use tall ones like brick buckets.
With flat containers, you can easily scoop through the bricks easily, with tall containers, it's difficult to find bricks at the bottom.

I'd also recommend drawers or containers with lids to protect the bricks from dust.

Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

Thanks for all of that wonderful information, Squid! I have found that you are absolutely correct in saying to use flat containers and not deep ones. I've been using tons of old Bionicle containers I had laying around but they are terrible because I have to dump them out each time. The way you laid out how you sort your bricks was nice and I like how you do it. Keeping the most frequently used Bricks separate is a great tip as well.

Thanks, DonkeyKong for the info and the link to what you use! I'm glad you shared the link, I added it to the resources section. mini/smile

Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

I sort my bricks on color, size, rarity and height (the last one's a bit odd, I know but it work).

I use these in combination with this. I've had these baskets since a was a toddler but never had real use for them until most recently. I have them situated in the attic, leaving a ton of room to build.

My advice would be to clean up and re-sort your bricks and workstation every 2 months or so, as to not lose any bricks. A good way to clean them or the drawers is to either to dust them with a duster or wash them in the sink (be sure to plug it!). Also if you have siblings (which I don't), (girl/boy)friend or family who's willing to help, let them! It takes of a lot of workload.

Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

I sort my bricks in something like this, and a few clear bins from Dollar Tree. (Pretty cheap, I know mini/tongue ). I just sort them by color, except I have so much black I have most of the small pieces in one of these-type storage boxes.

For my minifigure pieces, I sort them by legs, torsos, heads, hats, utensils, weapons, backpacks/capes, animals, and other assorted minifig pieces like minifig stands or the Junior Minifigures. I put each "category" in bags, cut a hole in the top corner of the bag, and hung it on a Tinker-Toy structure I built. Works great!

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Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

I just purchased a new 10-drawer rolling cart for LEGO storage and I'm trying to decide how to best use it. Any ideas for me? The drawers are fairly large. Here it is:

Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

Hmm, I have the same thing. I use each separate drawer to store each color of bricks.

Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

I have a special way to sort my minifigs, I have boxes for:
Head accessories
Torsos(including hands and arms)
Full minifigs(such as for a brickfilm, or minifigs I want to keep whole)

And RSpider, maybe for color sorting?

Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

I bag parts by type and then keep said bags in larger containers. It's not ideal, but until I have a more permanent solution, it'll do. Those look they'd be good for basic brick, sorted by color, RS.

Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

Thanks for the suggestions, both of you! I did indeed decide to use it to sort regular bricks by color. I spent part of the day today doing just that. As of now, almost all of my bricks are now sorted by color and by piece type. I stacked them by piece type so I have long columns in each of the drawers (columns of red 2x4, 1x4, 2x2, etc). I've finished Red, Blue,   and Yellow. Now I need to finish all of the other colors. I decided I would use one of the drawers to hold car/vehicle pieces. The trays are large enough to hold all of the elements, plus it is easy to look through them because of how shallow they are. That cart was a good purchase, the only downside is the drawers can sometimes come loose while sliding them in and out. This is a minor detail however.

My biggest trouble right now is sorting out a lot of the pieces that are MISC. that I don't have a lot of. I'll probably end up grouping some of them into generic categories like Architecture, Interiors, etc. I've actually almost completely sorted out my collection, aside from the full sets that are built and in storage boxes.

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Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

This was very helpful indeed. mini/bigsmile

I have my bricks in some simple boxes with colors like Black, Blue, Red, etc.

But I need something new, rather than have 1000 random pieces on my animating table.
I think the "16 Lego Storage Options" was very helpful for me, thank you for sharing that one.

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Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

I don't actually have this organizer thingy but from what I've seen on the Lego store it looks pretty nice...though pricey (it is Lego, what do you expect?

Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

Now I might have to get me one of those Spider. mini/cat

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Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

I tend to use boxes for my LEGOs - a lot. I have four different, small boxes for minifigure parts (upper bodies, lower bodies, heads, hats/hair etc.), I have a big box for props, such as weapons, mugs, plants etc. and studs and such, I bought a blue LEGO box off full of colorful bricks and I leave all of those there, I have a box for plates, then a box for some strange, rare bricks, a box for the bricks that I use mostly for sets (colors such as dark gray, light dray, black, white, brown etc.), and two bigger boxes for somewhat old bricks and older damaged LEGO sets. I have all my undamaged sets on my shelfs. I also tend to take the minifigures apart for every single new set I get. So...yeah, it's quite a lot. But as you can see, I put different types of LEGOs in different boxes to have it...well...I suppose "nicely" organized and when I'm looking for something I know exactly which box to go in. Most of these boxes are actually shoe boxes, and they work for me just fine. The bigger boxes are these plastic dark blue IKEA boxes that I've had since I was little. So I really sort mostly by brick types. And I might post pictures later but I don't think they're really needed.

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Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

Keesret wrote:

I use thesethis

I use that too mini/bigsmile
But I use these. I have some of these around somewhere, so I should probably use them again. Never thought they'd be better to use than digging around in the bigger one mini/confused
Actually, I did think about it, but never did anything about it mini/blankexpression

Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

We've bought a box today so we can organize much better.

Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

I have the worst organizing skills so bear with me.

So most of the Lego I have are in three plastic bags. I have to dump them out to find just a few pieces mini/madhead
Important bricks such blocks for walls are part of a giant wall that I take a part to make another wall. My accesseres and minifigure pieces are on my drawer.

Might post pics.

Re: Organization & Sorting - Discussion Thread

I've recently decided to properly sort my large (and very disorganized) collection of LEGO.  Like KAB and Keesret I have the Trofast storage bins as well.  (In case you're wondering, I have 10 of the small ones, along with three of the bigger ones that are roughly twice the size full of LEGO.)

I was thinking of having a two-tier system of sorts--sorting the small bricks by shape and the big ones by colour, but this has led to a few complications as I'm sometimes not sure which brick I should put in what category. mini/confused   

Also, it occurs to me that it might be somewhat tedious to pick out, say, all of the same slopes in the same colour from a bin which holds all my different slopes. 

That being said, any form of sorting would be an improvement over what I have now. mini/tongue

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