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Letter of Resignation


One man makes a difficult decision.

It's been a while, so I'm a bit rusty. Hope you enjoy it regardless.
(Psst, there's a secret ending if you look hard enough.)

Re: Letter of Resignation

I'm still confused about the parrot at the end...but other than that, amazing job!

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Re: Letter of Resignation

I think the secret ending made moar sense...(no wai)

It's nice to know you're back, Hazzat! mini/wink

Have you seen a big-chinned boy?

Re: Letter of Resignation

I liked this film a lot!

I just saw We Bought a Zoo last night and this really reminded me of that film as well! That was wonderful, thank you.

Re: Letter of Resignation

Whilst the ending was a sudden change in tone - I oddly wasn't confused by it.

A very nice little short about freedom...


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