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One day, my co-worker and I started talking like 1950s film noir detectives...or was it racetrack race was definitely based on variations of the Rocky characters from the Looney Tunes (Bugs Bonnets and Racketeer Rabbit).  From there, my co-worker did a recording and the rest is history.


Note: Animation for this video was completed early in August 2011 prior to my Grad School program. However, rendering took hours with an average of 24 mins per frame at 107 seconds, totaling at least 42 days to render.

Special thanks to DerTarchin and Greenscreener Studios for letting me use their posters.

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Wow, just wow.  The animation is your best yet seeing as you moved away from the slow movements in your last films to a more punchy style.  Hats off to the guys who voiced the guy with the fedora, he has some real talent.  Also, thought it was a nice touch to include the icons of the programs used to make this at the end, very nice touch.

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42 days to render? Reminds me of the old stories of the german brickfilm pioneers mini/lol
It certainly was a good film and the voice acting was nice, but there should have been more camera or mouth movement and it was a bit too long for my taste. I loved the giant rat sneaking arround in the background and the beep beep sound at 1:42. This little things gave the film a touch of a ordinary scene, a story a friend could have told you.


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A. wrote:

but there should have been more camera or mouth movement and it was a bit too long for my taste.

Well, given the theme of it, I decided to go with a more traditional camera setup.  Mouth movement/animation would have set me back another month.  Plus my focus was to hone my character animation skills.

Btw, Noir Jambon = Black Ham.  Using the Animation Challenge as the curriculum for sharpening my animation, this would have been a Hamming it Up entry.

Thanks for watching.  Darren Manley for Best Voice Talent 2011. mini/wink

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That was great. The non-standard bodily movements (i.e. arms straightening, heads tipping sideways) really added an element of character and emotion that is very difficult to recreate the traditional way.

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Great job, bud! Nice animation, amazing voice acting aaannnddd the awesome credits, esp your logo!

Brickfilmer a decade ago, now looking to relive the glory days mini/smile

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Thanks for the feedback.

*Ahem* Let's get some more kudos for the voice talent who also wrote the script. *not me, I couldn't write this in my sleep*

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