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He's a Real Liberace!

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A video I made because...because...unh! Because...! Well, I don't know...because...I wanted to combine my two great talents! I...uh, well...yeah. I also made it as an entry into owenmotion's 2nd brickfilm contest.

I got the idea from CrazyEd when I watched some of his videos. Most of them were about minifigs getting ticked off by humans. I thought I would try my hand at half-brickfilm and half-live-action thingy. Tell me what you think.

Brittany Kimball goes to my church and she teaches piano. I'm not the only one in her church that she teaches piano to. She teaches a lot of other people there too. I made this for her because she does such a great job at teaching piano. And, she's been teaching me for almost a year now (on September 3rd; and yes, I've been counting).

I did some of the music by hitting all of the notes in the photos, and Kevin MacLeod did some, like the song, Circus Tent (the credits song).

Enjoy, I made this in a day.

Have you seen a big-chinned boy?

Re: He's a Real Liberace!

ANIMATION: It was very choppy. You should raise your frame rate. What are you currently using?

STORY: Meh. It was ok. Not of the best.

DID I ENJOY IT: Well, it seems you come out with a brickfilm like everyday. You need to put more effort in. You need to take more frames to. It moved to slow and was a little boring. And you need to animate for at least two hard-worked days.