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The castle of LEFERATU

Watch Now: English version
Released: May 27, 2022
Watch Now: French version
Released: May 13, 2022
Content Advisory: mild violence, no language, no sexual content

A young lady decides to visit the famous Castle of LEFERATU alone. But isn't that a little risky for her? This brickfilm is a nod to the film Nosferatu by F.W. Murnau, released in 1922.

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Original music by Amaury Sabau

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Re: The castle of LEFERATU

Beautiful tribute to Nosferatu, but also to another age of cinema!
The atmosphere is great, with a weird & wacky humor I really enjoyed. Animation is smooth with some nice additions.
Photography offers some beautiful shots, enhanced by the black & white image style.
You're playing at the top of your game!

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Re: The castle of LEFERATU

Thanks a lot for your nice comment, iguana! mini/bigsmile

Here are some photos of the making of our brickfilm:

For the first time, we didn't use a green screen for the backgrounds, but directly images displayed on a screen:

Leferatu's shadow on the wall:

The stairs, where white bricks help reflect the light:

Did you notice the water flowing at the fountain? (We used optical fiber for this)

And... English version of our brickfilm now available! (link in the first post of this topic) mini/wink

Re: The castle of LEFERATU

I really like the shot at 40 seconds into the film.( The shot is being filmed in your making-of post as well)
Plus the repetition around 2 minutes is quite funny actually.

Re: The castle of LEFERATU

I always love to see a new film from you (and especially one based on Nosferatu appeals to me very specifically). Nice to see the behind the scenes pictures as well; the backgrounds on the screens work great.

Re: The castle of LEFERATU

Thanks a lot for your comments, Robukka and Penta! mini/smile
We really appreciate it, especially coming from you two who were already there when there weren't sooo many brickfilms on the internet (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!).

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