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Released: November 21, 2021
Content Advisory: no violence, no language, no sexual content

An ox is being harassed by a fly.

LEGO stop motion brickfilm by hirschundelch.

This movie was filmed with a Canon 7D and a Canon Macro lense (60mm). Dragonframe on an Apple MacBook Pro was used as animation program.

Visual Effects were created using Adobe After Effects. For editing we used Adobe Premiere.

The music was composed, performed and mixed by Stefan Minder with Apple Garage Band and Logic Pro X.

Additional sound effects were created using sounds from Thanks guys, what would I do without you!

Looking for some great Sound FX? Get over to

Some LEGO sets used are official LEGO products:
LEGO 40417 Year of the Ox

Effect lighting equipment by Brickstuff

No Lego Technic was used in this video.

Everything you can think of was done by Stefan Minder.

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November 2021

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Re: Oxfly

Beautiful and really funny, because we don't expect what's going to happen.  mini/lol
Loved it. Great job!  mini/smile

Re: Oxfly

I agree with France and Alex, it was a surprising development for sure! And good practice to list all the equipment and software used in the production.

What do you mean by “no Lego Technic was used”, I just wonder why you wrote that.