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As some of you may know, I've been working on a Time Cruisers brickfilm for some time now. I'm making this production log to keep myself motivated, really, because after nearly 6 years of on and off work I simply NEED to finish this film mini/lol It's a big project but I often find myself distracted by smaller, more finishable projects so I decided to now focus solely on Time Cruisers: Origins.

A came up with the idea to make this film after finishing my short Time Cruisers animation, Time Cruisers: A Refreshing Twist.

I wrote the 20-page script for Origins back in 2015 and it focuses on the history of the Time Crystals, how Tim becomes a superhero and why Tony Twister looks like a werewolf in A Refreshing Twist.

In this topic I will try to post regular updates on how the film's coming along, everything from set building and animation to editing and visual effects. But first let me outline the current state of the project:

  • I already have a finished screenplay (most of it storyboarded) and a cast who've all recorded their lines.

The cast:
Brick7 as Tim
Ahsagot5212 as Dr. Cyber
Jay Silver as Tony Twister
Rachel Dew as Mary (Tim's Mom)
Christof Munoz as The Creators
MegRae as Bobbi and The Queen of Time
Supermelty as Wacco
and Noah Sprague as the Cashier

  • I built most of the sets and animated roughly 60-70% of the scenes.

  • And I started composing the music and making some of the VFX.

Hopefully I will be back shortly with more updates but in the meantime you can check out the teaser trailer I made 2 years ago.
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Re: Time Cruisers: Origins - Production Log

Looks absolutely fantastic sir! I love time cruisers, and this captures it’s essence, with a delightful style and  brickfilming skill. Keep up the amazing work!

God bless and brickfilm on!

Re: Time Cruisers: Origins - Production Log

Looks great! I love the title design and the animation in the trailer is great. That big head mouth animation is sweet.

Re: Time Cruisers: Origins - Production Log

Agreed. The title card is a real eye catcher.

God bless and brickfilm on!